Sunday, June 18, 2017

Song Of The Week: 6/18/17

Song: "Unwelcome End"

Artist: Flag On Fire

Album: "Practically The Best You've Ever Been"

Year: 2017

Place Of Origin: Jacksonville, Florida

Years Active: 2015 - present


"Unwelcome End" appears to be a song about trying to help a friend whose drug addiction has a complete stranglehold on him. The people around him, friends and family, have tried to intervene and get him help but it has been to no avail. Now he is gone sometimes days or weeks at a time while all his loved ones fear that the worst is inevitable. The drugs will eventually kill him.

FLAG ON FIRE DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2017 - Practically The Best You've Ever Been (Felony Records)


Formed in 2015, Jacksonville, Florida's Flag On Fire quickly jumped upon the scene with their debut EP, "Slack To The Future" on Bird Attack Records. Two years later in 2017, the band released their debut full length album, "Practically The Best You've Ever Been" on Felony Records. Although Flag On Fire is a new band, their sound harkens back to 90's skate punk bands that scoured the Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph Records labels back in the day. They are definitely a throwback to those times. In fact, I'd say that No Use For A Name is a chief influence on Flag On Fire's music. The band even has a little ode to NUFAN's fallen leader Tony Sly in their song "One For The Old Punks". So if you're into bands like No Use, Ten Foot Pole, Enemy You, The Swellers or Implants, then you should check out Flag On Fire. I really like this band and hope they take off in punk circles. Their sound really takes me back to the mid 90's when I fell in love with bands like No Use For A Name, Lagwagon and Pulley. They have the same vibe and energy of those great bands and I, for one, would love to see that sound make a comeback. So two thumbs up for Flag On Fire! Can't wait to hear more from them.


1. One For The Old Punks
2. Micro Aggression Machine
3. Thunderdome
4. Off The Edge
5. Indestructable
6. #96
7. Bad News
8. Smoke'Em If You Got'Em
9. On The Rocks
10. Unwelcome End

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Song Of The Week: 6/11/17

Song: "Dizzy Spells"

Artist: Crow Bait

Album: "Three Tickle Guys" EP

Year: 2011

Place Of Origin: Long Island, New York

Years Active: 2011 - present


"Dizzy Spells" appears to be a song about being in a deep depression. The feeling of regret and self-deprecation are constantly eating away at the vocalist, causing both mental and physical pain. If suicide is on the vocalist's list of final choices, you get a sense that he is very close to accepting that fate.

CROW BAIT DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2014 - Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate (Don Giovanni Records)


Crow Bait formed as a band back in 2011. The Long Island, New York product features members who played in other prominent bands, most notably Halfway To Hell Club and Iron Chic. Early on, the band dropped "Three Tickle Guys", which is an EP. Their first full length album, and actually only full length out to date, was 2014's "Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate". The band also was on a split 7" single as well as a 7" single of their own, "Separate Stations" which they dropped in 2015. Crow Bait is a punk band that champions the DIY ethic. While their songs have some grit and teeth, it is very important to the band to keep melody and hooks prominent in their music. This has much to do with bands like The Replacements, The Lemonheads and Husker Du which all have influenced and impacted Crow Bait's take on music. As for contemporary acts? If you enjoy bands like Off With Their Heads, Polar Bear Club, The Arrivals, Halfway To Hell Club and The Flatliners, they you should check out Crow Bait. They are still relatively new but from the material i've heard from them, there is definitely some promise.


1. Crow Bait
2. 83
3. Separate Stations
4. The Ocean
5. A Billion Lives
6. Lost & Never Found
7. Searching For My Boots On The Highway
8. Why Don't You
9. Callin' Yer Bluff
10. Pretty Good Things

Monday, June 5, 2017

Song Of The Week: 6/4/17

Song: "Airtight"

Artist: One If By Land

Album: "In The Fire Of My Youth"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Meadville, Pennsylvania

Years Active: 2011 - present


"Airtight" appears to be a song about trying to escape your mundane life and your mundane job and your mundane surroundings. You get a sense that the vocalist has ambitions and goals and in order to achieve them, he has to get out of his current situation. His current situation is holding him back and keeping him down and he has to break away from it in order to allow himself to grow.

ONE IF BY LAND DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2013 - In The Fire Of My Youth (Between The Days Records)
2016 - Nobody Wants To Leave (Paper Box Records)


One If By Land formed as a band back in 2011, hailing from Meadville, Pennsylvania. Early on in the band's career, One If By Land received support from fellow Pennysylvania punk band, Anti-Flag. In fact, Anti-Flag asked One If By Land to appear on a split single with them in 2014. One If By Land's debut full length album dropped in 2013 called "In The Fire Of My Youth". Some three years later in 2016, the band released their most recent album, "Nobody Wants To Leave". One If By Land is an indie punk band that mixes gravelly vocals over melodic rhythms. If you're a fan of bands such as Red City Radio, Off With Their Heads, Samiam, Run Forever or Nightmares For A Week then you would most likely enjoy the music of One If By Land. This is a band that definitely has some potential if they can keep it together in a day and age where it's difficult to keep a band intact for very long.


1. Long Time Coming
2. True Blue, Through, And Everything About You
3. The Things I Love
4. The Devil Was Due
5. With Integrity
6. Yesterburner
7. I'm Not Sorry
8. You'll Be Missed
9. Ain't Worth You Time Kid
10. Do I

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Song Of The Week: 5/28/17

Song: "Brandenburg Gate"

Artist: Anti-Flag

Album: "American Spring"

Year: 2015

Place Of Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Years Active: 1988 - present


According to Anti-Flag band member Chris #2, he wrote "Brandenburg Gate" about the breakup of the most important relationship of his life. When he went to bring the song to the rest of the band, he was nervous because it was so personal to him that the rest of the band might not totally get it. Being a political band, drummer Pat Thetic saw the song as almost a love song for socialism. Certain socialistic views like universal health care and universal education seem so hard to attain in the States, but Pat said that if you look at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, it used to stand for segregation and conflict where now, it's a symbol of freedom and togetherness. It's a song of hope to him where for Chris #2, it may be more about despair.

ANTI-FLAG DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

1996 - Die For The Government (New Red Archives)
1998 - Their System Doesn't Work For You (A-F Records)
1999 - A New Kind Of Army (Go-Kart Records)
2001 - Underground Network (Fat Wreck Chords)
2002 - Mobilize (A-F Records)
2003 - The Terror State (Fat Wreck Chords)
2006 - For Blood And Empire (RCA Records)
2008 - The Bright Lights Of American (RCA Records)
2009 - The People Or The Gun (SideOneDummy Records)
2012 - The General Strike (SideOneDummy Records)
2015 - American Spring (Spinefarm Records)
2015 - Cease Fires (A-F Records)
2016 - Live Acoustic at 11th Street Records (Spinefarm Recrods)
2017 - Live Vol. 1 (A-F Records)


Anti-Flag formed as a band back in 1988 by members Justin Sane and Pat Thetic. Early on, the band didn't look like it was going to sustain and actually broke up but in 1992, they reformed and set about their journey to leave their stamp on the punk rock world. In 1996, they released their debut full length album, "Die For The Government". By 1999, the band's line-up that we see to this day was set, featuring Justin Sane (guitar/vocals), Chris #2 (bass/vocals), Chris Head (guitar) and Pat Thetic (drums). In 2001, the band hooked up with legendary punk label Fat Wreck Chords for two releases, 2001's "Underground Network" and 2003's "The Terror State". The latter album really began crossing Anti-Flag over as it is their highest charting album in the United States. This led to the band signing with major label RCA Records for their next two releases, 2006's "For Blood And Empire" and 2008's "The Bright Lights Of America". Even after leaving RCA, Anti-Flag would coninue putting out stellar album after stellar album. 2009's "The People Or The Gun" and 2012's "The General Strike" through SideOneDummy Records. And of course, the band's most recent full length studio album of all original material, 2015's "American Spring". Anti-Flag is a very active band, releasing material pretty much every one to two years, whether that's full lengths, EP's, splits or live albums. They are also on tour constantly. This year, they are planning to release "Live Vol. 2", they have confirmed a spot as a headliner on the Warped Tour and according to Justin Sane, they may even release a brand new studio album before the end of the year. Anti-Flag plays a brand of punk rock that is rooted in political and social issues. They wear their views very much on their sleeves and are not afraid to take a stance against something that they perceive as unjust. Their contemporaries in punk rock are bands such as Strike Anywhere, The Unseen, Rise Against, Propagandhi and Pennywise to name a few. So if that politically charged punk rock is what you seek, look no further than Anti-Flag. This band is definitely a leader in that movement, not a follower. Anti-Flag is the real deal.


1. This Is The End (For You My Friend)
2. The Press Corpse
3. Turncoat
4. The Bright Lights Of America
5. Die For The Government
6. Brandenburg Gate
7. Underground Network
8. Broken Bones
9. We Are The One
10. Fabled World

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Song Of The Week: 5/21/17

Song: "Sunshower"

Artist: Chris Cornell

Album: "Great Expectations" Soundtrack

Year: 1997


Chris Cornell
1964 - 2017

Man… It sucks to get old. For this week’s blog, I’m not going to get into the meaning of the song or do the regular info I give on the band and what they’ve been up to and all that. This is a tough one. Chris Cornell, one of the greatest voices in music history, is dead. Where to start? When I was a teenager, the bands coming out of Seattle had a huge impact on my life. Oddly enough for some reason, I really didn’t get into Soundgarden right away. Then “Superunknown” came out. What a great fuckin’ album! Immediately, I went out and starting getting all of Soundgarden’s albums. What the hell was I thinking? Soundgarden was un-fuckin’-real. Cornell had the voice of a God. Now, anyone who knows me knows that Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band and Eddie Vedder can do no wrong in my eyes. But even I can admit, as good of a vocalist as Eddie is, he is not Chris Cornell. From Soundgarden to Temple Of The Dog to Audioslave and his solo material, thank God Chris left us with so much material that we can lean on just to hear his voice. But it sucks that we’ll never have new material again. Cornell isn’t one of those artists that seemed like they were just hanging on in the latter part of his career. He was still very much relevant in the music world. Just look at the last Soundgarden release “King Animal” and his most recent solo single “The Promise”. It’s pretty fucked up. We lost Kurt. We lost Layne. It seemed that Chris and Eddie were gonna be around for a long time and continue giving us great music for years to come. And now Chris is gone. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos the last few days. Just capturing some of the powerful Cornell performances. Great videos of the recent Temple Of The Dog reunion tour. Great acoustic shows that really capture Chris at his most raw and emotional state. The great songs. “Slaves And Bulldozers”, “Rusty Cage”, “Say Hello 2 Heaven”, “Spoonman”, “Burden In My Hand”, “Cochise”, “Fell On Black Days”, “When I’m Down”, “The Day I Tried To Live”, “The Keeper”, “Sunshower”, “Seasons”, “Black Hole Sun”, “Birth Ritual”, “I Am The Highway”, “Can’t Change Me”, “Outshined”, Jesus, the list goes on and on and on. I’m sad that he’s gone. I’m angry he committed suicide. It seems so selfish. But, maybe I’m the one who’s being selfish because I want more music from him. Unfortunately, what happened happened and all we can do is listen to his music and watch old videos to keep the man’s memory alive. The death of Mr. Cornell has left all of his fans “feeling Minnesota”.

Chris Cornell

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Song Of The Week: 5/14/17

Song: "Bad Reputation"

Artist: The Rabble

Album: "No Clue, No Future"

Year: 2006

Place Of Origin: Auckland, New Zealand

Years Active: 2001 - present


"Bad Reputation" appears to be about wondering if the life you lead and the mistakes you've made will ultimately be your downfall. The vocalist is basically praying to God for help or guidance because he's been to the bottom. He wants to know that when his life is over that he makes it to the other side despite his past regressions. The first time you listen to the song, it clearly reminds you of Social Distortion's "I Was Wrong". No surprise as Social D. influenced The Rabble greatly.

THE RABBLE DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2006 - No Clue, No Future (Self-Released)
2007 - The Battle's Almost Over (Filthy Lucre Enterprises)
2011 - Life's A Journey (Self-Released)


The Rabble was formed back in 2001 by brothers Chazz Rabble and Rupe Rabble. It took five years for this New Zealand outfit to hone their sound before the world got a taste of their music. 2006 saw the debut album by The Rabble, the self-released "No Clue, No Future". The band's second release, "The Battle's Almost Over", featured a collaboration with Mark Unseen of the band The Unseen on the track "The World Is Dead". Mark Unseen really took to the band and almost joined the members of The Rabble to form a new band which never came to fruition. The band, at this time, had it's first tour of Europe. The band's latest release would be 2011's "Life's A Journey". Frontman Chazz Rabble really saw this release as an evolution for the band. Many of his fans however began accusing the band of selling out, especially in his native New Zealand. The Rabble announced they were going on a hiatus in 2013. Chazz would not rule out the band getting back together but that all the members have been focused on other projects, most notably Chazz's other band, "Flirting With Disaster". The Rabble are a band who tends to go all over the place when it comes to style. At one moment they could be hardcore punk, then they can be pop punk. Sometimes celtic punk and every now and again a touch of ska/punk. Chazz has stated that his favorite band is Green Day, so it's easy to see why the band began shifting their sound to a more melodic brand of punk as the years went on. That was most likely the wedge that began turning off some of their core fans as well. As for similar bands to The Rabble? I would say if you enjoy bands like The Unseen, The Briggs, Bombshell Rocks, Far From Finished and Anti-Flag, then you would probably enjoy The Rabble's music. I look at The Rabble as a good band, not great. For me, they change styles even on one album so much that you wonder if you're listening to a multi-band mix cd sometimes. It's great that they're not pidgeonholed into one specific sound but at the same time, it seems to hurt their continuity as a band.


1. The Journey
2. The Coast Song
3. Carry On
4. Shot Down
5. Seeking
6. Addicted To The Bone
7. This World Is Dead
8. Can't Relate To You
9. Bored
10. Police & Thieves (The Clash cover)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Song Of The Week: 5/7/17

Song: "80 Cents A Day"

Artist: Stray Bullets

Album: "The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune"

Year: 2004

Place Of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Years Active: 2003 - present


"80 Cents A Day" appears to be a song about poverty in the U.S.A. They show commercials on television about charities for the starving of other countries but nothing to help our own poor people. The vocalist sees the poor and the hungry in his own neighborhood while jobs are being sold to foreign labor for 80 cents a day. Definitely shining a light on domestic poverty issues.

STRAY BULLETS DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2004 - The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune (Fork In Hand Records)
2014 - Ghost Town Rockers (Dying Scene Records)


Stray Bullets got it's start as a band back in 2003. Headed by vocalist/guitarist Jon Cauztik, the band's first exposure to the local Boston punk rock scene was their debut album, "The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune" in 2004. Almost as quick as the band formed, Cauztik moved on to another venture, punk/ska outfit the Have Nots. It took ten years for the Stray Bullets to release their sophmore album, 2014's "Ghost Town Rockers" through Dying Scene Records. Nowadays, Stray Bullets is officially Cauztik's main focus as the members of the Have Nots are currently involved with other projects. Most recently, the Stray Bullets released a split with Duck And Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Stained Brindle in 2017. Stray Bullets play a brand of punk rock that's has some ska and reggae influences much like their idols The Clash. If you're a fan of bands like the Have Nots, Rancid, OC45, The Warning Shots and Operation Ivy, then the Stray Bullets would be a band that would most likely interest you as there are elements of all of those band's styles in Stray Bullets music. I kinda look at both the Stray Bullets and the Have Nots as pretty much the same band with different members other than the constant vocals and guitar of Jon Cauztik. In my mind, both are awesome bands. I'm not a huge punk/ska guy, but Stray Bullets do the genre right!


1. Knife For The Pusherman
2. Gone
3. The Anchor
4. Already Dead
5. Sirens
6. Channels
7. Peace Signs
8. P.C.
9. Boy In The Bubble
10. New Prisons