Sunday, August 21, 2011

Song Of The Week: 8/21/11

Song: "Goodbye Forever" (acoustic version)

Artist: Alkaline Trio

Album: Recorded during a live acoustic session in London.

Year: 2005

This song appears to be a relationship type song where the man is letting the woman go. This is not an angry break-up between the two, but he just feels that she can not grow or blossom into the person she wants to be by staying with him. He is content to watch her from afar and is somewhat happy for her even though he is letting go of one of the best things he's ever had. The original version of "Goodbye Forever" appeared on a 1999 EP called "I Lied My Face Off" and was later put out on a 2000 compilation entitled "Alkaline Trio" which featured the band's early recordings from EP's and various rarities. Alkaline Trio broke onto the music scene back in 1996. They are part of a tight-knit Chicago punk scene that also features bands such as 88 Fingers Louie and The Lawrence Arms. Alkaline Trio features the dual vocals of guitarist Matt Skiba and bassist Dan Andriamo. Their style could be considered skate punk with a definite appeal to goth themes. Many of their songs revolve around drug use, depression, death, sorrow and failed relationships. That tends to lend itself to the band's gothic punk feel. Alkaline Trio has been around long enough that their influence is widespread amongst punk circles. They are also a very hard working band, having released eight studio albums, two compilation records, as well as various EP's and split cd's during their fifteen year musical career. Skiba and Andriamo also have put out solo material as well during breaks from Alkaline Trio. Skiba formed a band called Heavens which released one album, as well as releasing more music as a solo artist, most recently 2010's "Demos". Andriamo meanwhile has just released a cd in 2011 under the moniker Dan Andriamo In The Emergency Room. Currenty, Alkaline Trio released an album entitled "Damnesia" in July of 2011. This album is basically an acoustic album where the band reworked some of their previous songs in a stripped down format. The band's last studio release with all new material was 2010's "This Addiction".

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