Sunday, September 18, 2011

Song Of The Week: 9/18/11

Song: "Speeding Up The Octaves"

Artist: Hawthorne Heights

Album: "The Silence In Black And White"

Year: 2004

"Speeding Up The Octaves" appears to be yet another song about a relationship that has crumbled to the point that it can no longer be salvaged. You kinda get the feeling like the guy has been caught cheating or has definitely been the dishonest one. He seems to be trying to win her back but she just burns his letters and pictures in the fire. I think as the song goes on, he comes to the realization that he must let her go and move on with his life. Hawthorne Heights formed as a band back in 2001, hailing from Dayton, OH. The band originally went under the name A Day In The Life and released a few things under that moniker. By the time the band had signed with Victory Records to release their major label debut, "The Silence In Black And White", they had officially changed their band name to Hawthorne Heights. The band achieved some early success with the help of singles "Ohio Is For Lovers" and "Niki FM". That success would continue on with their follow up album, "If Only You Were Lonely" in 2006. The good times come to a screeching halt in 2007 however, when guitarist and "unclean" vocalist Casey Calvert was found dead in the band's tour bus. He had died of a mixture of prescription drugs and vicodin. After mourning the death of their bandmate and friend, Hawthorne Heights decided to go on as a four piece and ditch the "unclean" vocals for future albums, though they would bring them back but not as frequently as their first two albums. By using "clean" and "unclean" vocals, Hawthorne Heights could often be compared to bands such as Silverstein, Senses Fail or The Used. They are sometimes referenced as emo, screamo, pop punk or just plain alternative rock. During their ten year career, they have release four major label studio albums, their most recent being 2010's "Skeletons". Currently, the band has formed their own record label, Cardboard Empire, and plan on releasing a trilogy of EP's, beginning with "Hate", which was released in August of 2011. Each of these EP's will be released within four or five months of each other.

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