Sunday, January 22, 2012

Song Of The Week: 1/22/12

Song: "West Girl Scout Road"

Artist: The Starting Line

Album: Unreleased Track

Year: 2000?

"West Girl Scout Road" is a song that appears to be about how sometimes life moves way too fast. Though the future may look bright, there are times you want to reflect on the recent past or savor the present moment. Life is just moving too quick for the vocalist to take the time to appreciate it the way he would like to. "West Girl Scout Road" has been said to be one of the very first songs that The Starting Line wrote as a band. It was not released on any of their albums but may have been put out around 2000. Hailing from Pennsylvania, The Starting Line formed as a band back in 1999. After gathering some buzz from some early demos and some live shows, the band signed a deal with punk label Drive-Thru Records. In 2002, TSL would release their debut album "Say It Like You Mean It". They would establish themselves as a pop punk/emo band with this release. In 2003, the band followed up their debut album with the release of an acoustic EP entitled, "Make Yourself At Home". This EP would feature an acoustic version of the band's song "Best Of Me" which would arguably be their best song, as well as the track that attracted the attention of some major labels. The band agreed to a deal with Geffen Records and in 2005 released "Based On A True Story". This album showed an angrier side to TSL. Mostly this was due to the disgruntled relationship the band had with Geffen. The record label was adament that the band just recreate "Best Of Me" or try to imitate the successes of fellow punk bands such as New Found Glory. The Starting Line would rather just grow and evolve as a band and see where that takes them. Safe to say, the Geffen relationship would only last one album. TSL would be signed by Virgin Records in 2006 and released the album "Direction" under that label. In 2008, it was decided that TSL would take a bit of a hiatus so that all the members could focus on other projects they had going on at the time. The thought was that The Starting Line may reconvene in 2011, either just doing tours but potentially working on new material. However, the band began playing a few shows as early as 2009. Over the next few years, the band would play various shows and festivals but never fully committed to an all out reunion. That was until May of 2011 at the Leeds Music Festival when TSL frontman, Kenny Vasoli, announced that the band had been working on new material and even previewed a new track to the audience entitled "Luck". Currently, the assumption is that The Starting Line are working on a new album for future release but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

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