Sunday, March 11, 2012

Song Of The Week: 3/11/12

Song: "Running Behind"

Artist: Sense Field

Album: "Living Outside"

Year: 2003

"Running Behind" appears to be a song about depression. It seems the vocalist feels that his life has been stuck in place or in a rut while the rest of the world just keeps on moving past him. You sense his loneliness and his fear. He seems to be in a constant fight to save his life as well as his soul in a world that's leaving him behind. Sense Field formed as a band back in 1991. They are from California. Sense Field is very much an indie band much like bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World. When they first came on the music scene, they had a very grungy/alternative feel to their music. Over the years, Sense Field has seen their music shift from alternative to almost emo to a little bit of pop/punk. They never quite seemed to find themselves musically. Even through some of the challenges of finding out who they are as a band, as well as some problems with their record labels, Sense Field still released five studio albums, six EP's, and also appeared on a few compilations during their thirteen year career. In 2004, after touring to support their last album together, 2003's "Living Outside", Sense Field decided to call it quits. They were a band that just couldn't get over the hump. Their only moderate success came with the song "Save Yourself" and even that didn't crossover huge for them. In 2004, Sense Field lead singer Jonathan Bunch joined the band Further Seems Forever and provided vocals for their 2004 album "Hide Nothing". Bunch parted ways with Further Seems Forever in 2007, however he and fellow bandmate, Derick Cordoba would perform acoustic tours under the moniker Fields Forever. At these shows they would play acoustic versions of Sense Field and Further Seems Forever songs. Currently, it's all but official that Sense Field has been put to rest as a band. There has been no activity since 2004. The most fans can hope for is that Bunch continues touring as Fields Forever to at least still hear some of their favorite Sense Field songs, at least in a live setting.

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