Sunday, April 8, 2012

Song Of The Week: 4/8/12

Song: "Post-War Breakout"

Artist: Anti-Flag

Album: "The Terror State"

Year: 2003

"Post-War Breakout" is a song that was originally composed, lyrically, by legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie. Guthrie, however, never committed any musical arrangement for the lyrics so Anti-Flag would create the musical backround for Guthrie's words. The song itself is a anti-war song but especially focusing on veterans of wars fought and how they are being called heroes and all that, yet they usually come home from war with little to no money from their government for which they have fought for as well as dealing with all kinds of post-war syndromes and shock from the battles in which they've engaged. Anti-Flag originally formed back in 1988 when singer/guitarist Justin Sane and drummer Pat Thetic decided to form a band. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the original formation of Anti-Flag was short lived as by 1989, they broke up. In 1993, Sane and Thetic decided to reform Anti-Flag, this time the band would persevere and grow into one of the most political punk bands in the music world today. Early on, Anti-Flag would be a band that would wear it's leftist views on their sleeve. Though there was a misconception that Anti-Flag meant anti-U.S.A. or anti-patriotism, the band itself said that it stood for anti-war and all things political or social that were set up to hurt the people, especially those who's voice was not being heard. 2003's "The Terror State" came out at a time in U.S. history that was very tense. Just a few short years after the 9/11 tragedy, this album was definitely against any war that we were entering as well as being critical of the Bush Administration and especially their foreign policy. It took a lot of balls for any artist at that time to make the statements that bands like Anti-Flag were making after 9/11. Some people would alienate artists like that for being too controversial or even un-American at that time. What these people failed to see, is that the debate and conversation that these people demanded was the most American thing to do in those terrifying times post 9/11. Anti-Flag would never back down from their beliefs during the history of the band. A history which has included nine studio releases, four EP's, one compilation, and eight splits. They have been both independent label punk and major label headliners. They still find time to support various groups such as PETA, as well as supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Currently, the band is embarking on a tour in support of their most recent album, 2012's "The General Strike". After some 24 years, Anti-Flag is still being a voice for the voiceless!

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