Sunday, September 30, 2012

Song Of The Week: 9/30/12

Song: "The Art Of Sharing Lovers"

Artist: A Static Lullaby

Album: "A Static Lullaby"

Year: 2006

"The Art Of Sharing Lovers" appears to be a song about infidelity. The vocalist seems to have finally reached his breaking point being exposed to her lying and cheating. For his own peace of mind, he has to end this relationship, in fact, by doing so, he actually feels like he's cleansed himself of all the impurities and lies that she was drowning him in. From California, A Static Lullaby formed as a band back in 2001. Their style is that of a post-hardcore band with a little infusion of some metal elements. From 2001 to 2002, the band created a few homemade demos and toured wherever they could to get their name out there. They eventually signed to a small label and released their first full length album in 2003 entitled, "And Don't Forget To Breathe". After opening up for such bands as AFI, My Chemical Romance and Brand New, A Static Lullaby drew the interest of major label Columbia Records. Columbia would release the band's second album, "Faso Latido" in 2005. The album drew mixed reviews and the band eventually would be dropped by Columbia. Enter Fearless Records. Working with Fearless was a breath of fresh air for the band and it showed in their 2006 self-titled album. This album was the band's most focused effort and probably the high point of A Static Lullaby as a band. In 2008, the band would release it's fourth studio effort entitled "Rattlesnake". Even with the constant touring and the consistency with which they dropped albums, A Static Lullaby never seemed to get over as a band. Sometimes in music, a wave of bands start coming out that incorporate the same style, and as a result, only a few seem to shine brighter than the rest. A Static Lullaby seemed to just fall in line with the rest. They're solid but nothing spectacular. By 2010, most of the band members began focusing much more on side projects or even just gearing up for new projects. The band began becoming a revolving door with people joining and leaving. In 2012, it was finally announced that A Static Lullaby were breaking up, in fact, they played their very last show in Indonesia on July 7, 2012. Currently, it appears the book has closed on A Static Lullaby.

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