Sunday, October 21, 2012

Song Of The Week: 10/21/12

Song: "Blue Times Two"

Artist: Avail

Album: "Front Porch Stories"

Year: 2002

"Blue Times Two" appears to be a song about biting your tongue during an argument. Sometimes it's better not to say anything and accept that mistakes were made by both people and move on. You get a sense that this relationship is most likely on the outs however. Arguments are making it worse and talking about their problems seems to be getting them nowhere. The vocalist clearly hates himself for the way things turned out, but I believe he sees the writing on the wall, that the relationship is moving towards an end. Avail was a hardcore/punk band that formed back in 1987. They are from Richmond, Virginia. Vocalist Tim Barry actually started out as the band's drummer on their early demos. By the time the band self-released their first album, 1992's "Satiate", Barry was the lead singer. The band was signed to Lookout! Records who would re-release "Satiate" as well as the band's next three albums, 1994's "Dixie", 1996's "4am Friday", and 1998's "Over The James". These three albums would also receive the re-release treatment when the band signed with Jade Tree Records later on in their career. In 2000, Avail joined prominent punk label Fat Wreck Chords and released "One Wrench". Fat Wreck would also release what would be Avail's final studio album, "Front Porch Stories" in 2002. After almost twenty-one years of toiling in the underground of the hardcore punk scene, Avail decided to call it quits and focus on new projects. Tim Barry has said in interviews that the band is on "permanent standby" and that basically Avail is a thing of the past. All in all it was a long run for the band however. Along with their six full length studio albums, Avail also released two demos, four EP's and three live albums. Their legacy in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia still remains strong as well. It's quite common to see the band's "Dixie" logo in graffiti or on sidewalk impressions as well as on tattoos all over the Richmond area. Currently, most members of Avail are focusing on new projects. Some members went on to form the bands The Ghost Run and Freeman. The most notable side project however, proved to be Tim Barry's solo career. Like many punk rock frontmen, Barry caught the wave of folk/punk, turning down the distortion and picking up an acoustic to focus more on his songwriting capabilities. As for Avail, it appears safe to close the book on that band for now.

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