Sunday, January 27, 2013

Song Of The Week: 1/27/13

Song: "The Brews"

Artist: Rancid

Album: "BYO Split Series Volume III"

Year: 2002

"The Brews" is a parody type of song about the biggest baddest Hebrew punks around!! The song was originally recorded by NOFX and released on their 1994 classic punk album "Punk In Drublic". For those who don't expect Jewish people to intimidate or get all "punk rock" on you, well look out!! Here comes "The Brews"!!! Rancid covered this song as well as others for a split album with NOFX. NOFX also would cover several Rancid tracks for the same album. Rancid formed as a band back in 1991 out of the ashes of legendary punk/ska band Operation Ivy. Hailing from Berkeley, California, Rancid was formed when former Op. Ivy bandmates Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman decided to form a new band. They recruited Armstrong's roommate Brett Reed to play drums and Rancid was formed. The band would release their first EP through Lookout Records in 1992. Soon after this release, they signed on with upstart indie punk label Epitaph Records and in 1993, released their self/titled album. In 1994 Rancid dropped their second full length album, "Let's Go". This was the first album to feature new guitarist/vocalist Lars Frederiksen. Thanks to the success of their single "Salvation", Rancid became one of the bands, along with Green Day, Offspring and Bad Religion, to lead the punk revival movement of the mid-90's. In 1995, Rancid dropped their all time classic album, "And Out Come The Wolves". Though the album only reached as high as number 45 on the Billboard 200 charts, it was clearly the band's most successful album, thanks in part to the hit singles "Roots Radicals", "Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho". More than ever, Rancid began drawing comparisons to The Clash for their meshing of musical styles from hardcore punk to ska/reggae and even some rock-a-billy. 1998's "Life Won't Wait" would draw even more Clash comparisons, many citing that this album is Rancid's "Sandinista". In 1999, Rancid formed their own record label, Hellcat Records, which was a sub-label of Epitaph. Their first release on Hellcat would be 2000's self/titled album, an album that was mainly hardcore influenced. 2002 saw the release of the band's famed split with NOFX and in 2003, Rancid released "Indestructible". Thanks in part to the hit single, "Fall Back Down", "Indestructible" became Rancid's highest charting album, reaching as high as number 15. In 2006, Brett Reed decided to part ways with Rancid and the band recruited Brendan Steineckert, formerly of The Used, to play drums. 2007 saw Rancid release a compilation titled "B Sides And C Sides", which contained several tracks that did not make it on to their full length albums. Steineckert's first album playing drums for Rancid would be 2009's "Let The Dominoes Fall". This album featured the single, "Last One To Die". There was word that Rancid was going to release a live cd/dvd in 2011, not sure if that ever came to light. In 2012, the band released a single called "Fuck You", which was slated to appear on a compilation record. Not only has Rancid been very active as a band, the members have also filled their downtime with various side projects, most of which feature all of Rancid's band members. Most notably of these projects are Devil's Brigade, which Armstrong, Freeman and Reed were a part of. Transplants which featured Armstrong, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob. Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, which Armstrong also contributed to. Frederiksen also formed the "oi" band The Old Firm Casuals. Armstrong has also recorded a solo album, and has been releasing songs under the moniker Tim Timebomb and Friends, these songs have also featured Freeman and Frederiksen at times. Currently, Armstrong has said that Rancid will be working on their new album in early 2013 in hopes of releasing it at some point that same year. He has said that most likely the new Rancid record will be released after the new Transplants album.

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