Sunday, March 3, 2013

Song Of The Week: 3/3/13

Song: "Reptilia"

Artist: Lostprophets

Album: "Last Summer" EP

Year: 2004

"Reptilia" is a b-side to the single "Last Summer" by Lostprophets. It is a cover song, originally performed by The Strokes and released on that band's second album, "Room On Fire". The song's foundation is based on the "Reptilian Complex", which is basically the central part of one's brain that handles basic emotions such as love and hate. Lostprophets is an English band that formed back in 1997. The first three years of the band consisted mostly of trying to get some demos out and get their name out on the music scene going on in the U.K. at that time. In 2000, the band released their first full length album, titled "Thefakesoundofprogress". In 2001, Lostprophets signed with major label Columbia records, who in turn remastered and re-released "Thefakesoundofprogress". Though early on, Lostprophets found themselves supporting acts such as Linkin Park and Deftones, the band also found themselves on some "weird" tours as well. They joined the Deconstruction Tour, which was mainly ska and punk bands and also went on the Ozzfest tour, which featured mainly metal acts. Safe to say, they weren't treated as well on those tours as they were with more complimentary acts such as Linkin Park. In 2004, Lostprophets hit the big time with the release of "Start Something". This record was the band's biggest success thanks in part to hit singles such as "Burn Burn", "Last Train Home", "Wake Up (Make A Move)", and "Last Summer". In 2006, Lostprophets dropped "Liberation Transmission", which continued the level of success the band achieved on their previous effort. "Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)" and "A Town Called Hypocrisy" were just two of the major tracks from that album. For their next album, Lostprophets wanted to write a darker and grittier album. 2010's "The Betrayed" was the bands most honest effort in their eyes. The album peaked at number three on the U.K. album charts as well. In 2012, Lostprophets new album "Weapons" was released in the U.K. through Epic Records while in the U.S.A., it was released by Fearless Records. Plans of touring to support the album came to an abrupt halt however. In December of 2012, Lostprophets vocalist Ian Watkins was charged with multiple sexual offences against children. He has denied all charges against him but, obviously, the band, as well as his life, is at a stand still. Currently, the future of Lostprophets remains very much in doubt due to these serious charges against Watkins. The rest of the band are devastated and in total shock by these allegations against their lead singer. Not looking very good for Lostprophets at this time!!

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