Sunday, April 7, 2013

Song Of The Week: 4/7/13

Song: "10:45 Amsterdam Conversations"

Artist: Funeral For A Friend

Album: "Between Order And Model" EP

Year: 2002

"10:45 Amsterdam Conversations" appears to be a song about a break-up, but more importantly, it seems like it takes place at the exact moment when the person knows that the relationship is over. It's in that moment that all the emotion and heartbreak reaches the surface. It's that "lump in the throat" moment! The song was originally on Funeral For A Friend's debut EP, "Between Order And Model", but was also released on their 2003 EP "Seven Ways To Scream Your Name". Funeral For A Friend is a post-hardcore band from Wales, United Kingdom. They formed as a band back in 2001. The band caught the ear of Mighty Atom Records who would release the band's first two EP's, "Between Order And Model" in 2002 and "Four Ways To Scream Your Name" in 2003. That year the band also dropped their debut full length, "Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation". This album proved to be an iconic release in the British post-hardcore scene, producing three top 20 singles in the U.K., "Juneau", "She Drove Me To Daytime Television", and "Escape Artists Never Die". The success of that album led to the band signing with major label Atlantic Records who released the band's 2005 album "Hours". The single "Streetcar" would be yet another top 20 single for the band. The band also got the headlining gig on the British leg of the Taste Of Chaos tour alongside bands The Used, Rise Against and Story Of The Year. 2007 saw the band release "Tales Don't Tell Themselves and yet another top 20 single in the U.K., "Into Oblivion (Reunion)". This album would reach number three on the U.K. album charts. In 2008, Funeral For A Friend decided to go back to their roots and get back to the aggressive, screaming vocals that were prominent on their debut album. "Memory And Humanity" definitely brought the band's heavier side back to the forefront. In 2009, the band released a greatest hits album called "Your History Is Mine: 2002-2009". The band also recorded four brand new tracks for this album in order to make the purchase worthwhile for fans. In 2011 the band released "Welcome Home Armageddon" which also spawned the EP "See You All In Hell". This EP featured one brand new song as well as acoustic tracks and remixes of songs from "Welcome Home Armageddon". In 2013, Funeral For A Friend released their sixth studio album, "Conduit". This album reached as high as number 34 on the U.K. album charts, proving that Funeral For A Friend is still very much relevant, especially in their home country the United Kingdom. For ten plus years, Funeral For A Friend has become one of the most influential post-hardcore bands in Britain. Here in the U.S., they don't seem to get as much respect as they deserve but I feel they have been one of the top bands to come out. For music of the 2000's, I'd say that Funeral For A Friend, Thrice and Rise Against were the top, at least on my musical mountain they were. Currently, Funeral For A Friend is about to embark on an Australian tour in support of their latest album "Conduit".

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