Sunday, May 12, 2013

Song Of The Week: 5/12/13

Song: "Drastic"

Artist: The Loved Ones

Album: "The Loved Ones" EP

Year: 2005

"Drastic" appears to be a song about how the powers that be aren't really focused on what is best for us. It's kind of a scathing commentary on our political leaders and our government. Not only do they not have our best interests at heart, it seems they don't even know what our best interests are. They rule by fear. They respond with wars. We are just trying to get by with the day to day problems that the average citizen has to deal with, making sure the bills are paid, dealing with health issues, etc. The Loved Ones formed as a band back in 2003. They are from Philadelphia. Vocalist/guitarist and chief songwriter, Dave Hause's former band The Curse had just broken up. At the time he formed The Loved Ones, Hause was still playing guitar for the band Paint It Black. By 2004, Hause departed Paint It Black to focus all his time and energy on The Loved Ones. The band self released a four song demo that year as well. In 2005, the band released "The Loved Ones" EP through Jade Tree Records. At that time, Hause was working as a roadie for the band The Bouncing Souls. In return, the Bouncing Souls gave Hause and The Loved Ones the opportunity to open for them on their tour. Also, while opening up for NOFX, The Loved Ones caught the ear of Fat Mike who went on to sign the band on his Fat Wreck Chords label. In 2006, The Loved Ones released their first full length studio album through Fat Wreck called "Keep Your Heart". This album featured the anthemic "100K". It was around this time that Chris Gonzalez and David Walsh, both formerly of the punk band The Explosion, joined The Loved Ones. In 2008, the band released their second album, "Build & Burn" and in 2009, they released the "Distractions" EP which featured three brand new songs as well as three cover songs of Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer respectively. 2010 saw The Loved Ones embark on their very first tour of Australia. In 2011, Dave Hause released his very first solo album entitled "Resolutions". He has since been a fixture on The Revival Tours, which are the brainchild of Hot Water Music frontman Chuck Ragan. Currently, The Loved Ones appear to be on Hause's back burner at the moment. He seems to be gearing most of his focus on his solo career at this time. He has stated in several interviews that it isn't very likely that The Loved Ones will be working on new material any time soon. Though he didn't flat out say that the band has broken up, he didn't make it seem that the future was looking too bright for the band. If indeed the band is done, that would be very unfortunate because The Loved Ones are a very solid band who I feel still has much to offer the music world.

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