Sunday, July 21, 2013

Song Of The Week: 7/21/13

Song: "Born Killer"

Artist: Scarface

Album: "Mr. Scarface Is Back"

Year: 1991

"Born Killer" is a song about someone you really don't want to fuck with! The vocalist is a manic depressive and a cold blooded killer who doesn't feel remorse or compassion for anything or anyone. He doesn't love himself so, he definitely doesn't have love for anyone else. He's a hardened criminal and a ruthless gangsta. If you mess with him, you probably won't live to see tomorrow. Scarface got his start in hip hop back in 1987. He actually went under the name Akshun. He eventually signed to Rap-A-Lot Records and joined the popular group Geto Boys. He was featured on the group's second album, "Grip It! On That Other Level". It was at this time that he changed his name to Scarface and he, along with the Geto Boys officially put Houston, Texas and the south on the hip hop map. In 1991, Scarface released his first solo album, "Mr. Scarface Is Back". This album would mark the beginning of a string of albums in the 90's which all achieved platinum status. 1993's "The World Is Yours" peaked at #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop Album chart. 1994's "The Diary" debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart. 1997's "The Untouchable" was Scarface's first album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, thanks in part to the song "Smile", which featured Tupac Shakur. 1998 saw the release of "My Homies", a double album which featured guest artists 2Pac, Ice Cube and Too Short to name a few. In 2000, Scarface released "The Last Of A Dying Breed", an album that was not as commercially successful as previous efforts, but was praised critically. In fact, the album helped Scarface win the Lyricist Of The Year award at the Source Awards. In 2002, Scarface signed with Def Jam and released "The Fix". This album sold 159,000 copies in the first week of sale. 2003 saw the release of "Balls And My Word", which was a collection of b-sides and rarities that didn't make it on to his previous albums. 2006 saw the follow up to Scarface's 1998 album "My Homies" as he released "My Homies Part 2", another double album. In 2007, Scarface released "Made". This album reached #2 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop album charts showing that he was still very much relevant in the world of hip hop. In 2008, he released "Emeritus". Scarface indicated that "Emeritus" would be his final studio album at that time. However, in 2010, he indicated that he was in fact at work on a new studio album, tentatively titled "The Habit". Scarface was incarcerated for some time due to failing to pay child support, but as of August 2011, he was out of jail and said to be working on "The Habit" again. Along with his illustrious rap career, Scarface was also named the President of Def Jam South, and helped bring along artists such as Ludacris. He also is starting to work in the production side of the business and has dabbled in some acting as well. Scarface has also remained loyal to the Geto Boys and has managed to appear on all of their albums, even while focusing on his solo material. He, along with the Geto Boys, should be considered the forefathers of hip hop in the south. Their influence is great in hip hop circles, in fact, The Source magazine claimed Scarface to be #16 on a list of the top 50 lyricists of all time. Currently, fans have to be eagerly awaiting the release of "The Habit" which I assume should be finished soon.

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