Sunday, December 29, 2013

Song Of The Week: 12/29/13

Song: "Depraved"

Artist: Anberlin

Album: "Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place"

Year: 2010

"Depraved" is a song that appears to be asking if you are depraved of truth, or have you been deceived into thinking or believing in something that might be negative or perhaps may even cause pain. The vocalist just wants the listener to not be a slave to anything or anyone and to stand on their own two feet and be knowledgable of all beliefs. He also does not want the listener to be ashamed of themselves should they see that their belief system was negative. It was taught to them, or perhaps brainwashed in them. Basically, he's saying to use your eyes to see, use your brain to learn. There's a big world out there, don't be chained inside a box. Expand your mind and embrace differences. Anberlin formed out of the ashes of the band SaGoh 24/7. Hailing from Florida, SaGoh 24/7 was a punk band back in 1998. They released two album under that moniker but the band eventually disbanded. Members of that band wanted to explore a different sound and musical direction and thus, in 2002, Anberlin was formed. The band signed with Christian punk label Tooth & Nail Records. This led to two misconceptions, one that Anberlin was a punk band and two they they were a Christian band. Anberlin is much more melodic rock than punk and they have stated that their religious befiefs are personal and their band is entertainment, period. In 2003, they released their first album, "Blueprints For The Black Market". This album wasn't a huge success by any means. It sold just over 60,000 units and spawned one moderately successful single, "Readyfuels". 2005 saw the band release "Never Take Friendship Personal". This album reached #144 on the Billboard 200 charts and featured the singles "A Day Late" and "Paperthin Hymn", the latter which reached #38 on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. In 2007, the band released "Cities". This album debuted at #19 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling 34,000 copies in the 1st week of sales. Momentum was gaining for Anberlin and their successes led them to embarking on their very first headlining tour with support from the band Bayside. 2007 also saw the band release "Lost Songs", a compilation of unreleased material, b-sides and other rarities. The band would go on to sign with major label Universal/Republic by the end of that year as well. In 2008, Anberlin released their major label debut, "New Surrender". This album sold 36,000 units in it's first week, reaching #13 on the Billboard 200. The first single on the album was "Feel Good Drag". In 2010, the band released "Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place". This album would be produced by famed producer Brendan O' Brien, who's most well known for his work with bands such as Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. This album featured the single "Impossible" and the band supported the album with a major tour with 30 Seconds To Mars. 2012 saw the band release "Vital". This album would be the band's most aggressive music to date, as shown on singles like "Self-Starter" and "Someone Anyone". In 2013, Anberlin released "Devotion". This was a compilation album that featured demos and remixes from the "Vital" sessions as well as a live & acoustic DVD. The compilation also featured three brand new tracks, including "City Electric" which would be released as the first single of that album. Currently, Anberlin has just released it's "Devotion" project in October of 2013. It has also been said that the band has been working on new material in that same month for a potential new release, possibly next year. They are a very active band, releasing new album almost every other year. Though they are rooted in punk, mostly because of their association with Tooth & Nail Records, they are much more 30 Seconds To Mars than they are MxPx. All in all, they are a very solid rock and roll band.

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