Monday, June 9, 2014

Song Of The Week: 6/8/14

Song: "No Regrets"

Artist: Ignite

Album: "A Place Called Home"

Year: 2000

"No Regrets". I'm not sure if Ignite frontman Zoli Teglas has children, but "No Regrets" seems to be a song about him feeling that he has missed too much, or not given enough of himself to them. He battles with this fact and vows to change. It seems like he doesn't want to have regrets in future years when he could have made the changes to himself which would prevent them from happening. Ignite formed as a band back in 1993, hailing from Orange County, California. The band was initially signed by Lost & Found Records and in 1994 released their debut album, "Scarred For Life". In 1995, the band released the EP "In My Time". This year also saw the band release "Family", which would later be distributed by Conversion Records under the new title, "Call On My Brothers". In 1996, Ignite released a split EP with Good Riddance. A compilation called "Straight Ahead" was also released that year and basically featured all of "In My Time" and select tracks from "Scarred For Life". Later in '96, the band released "Past Our Means", an EP through Revelation Records. 2000 saw Ignite have their biggest breakthrough commercially with the release of "A Place Called Home". Already having a melodic hardcore cult following, this album spread the band's appeal to a wider audience. 2006 saw the band release "Our Darkest Days" through Abacus Recordings. This album featured the single "Bleeding" as well as a cover of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday". In the ten years between 2000 and 2010, recording and touring was a bit sporadic for Ignite, having only released two albums in that decade. In 2010, Zoli Teglas agreed to join legendary punk icons Pennywise after their lead singer Jim Lindberg decided to part ways with that band. In May of 2012, Pennywise released "All Or Nothing", the first and only album with Teglas featured on vocals. In the summer of 2012, "Our Darkest Days Live" was released, a DVD featuring live Ignite footage. By October of 2012, back issues were forcing Teglas to miss more and more Pennywise shows and eventually Lindberg rejoined Pennywise leaving Zoli to put his focus back on Ignite. Currently, as of 2014, Ignite is officially in the recording studio working on their long anticipated follow up to "Our Darkest Days". No release date has been released as of yet. If you are a fan of bands like Pennywise, Bad Religion and Good Riddance, then Ignite would be right in your wheelhouse. Much like those three bands, Ignite plays a melodic hardcore brand of punk rock with themes that take on various political and social issues. Looking forward to hearing new music from this solid and talented band.

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