Sunday, December 21, 2014

Song Of The Week: 12/21/14

Song: "Don't Mosh The Organ"

Artist: The Dopamines

Album: "Vices"

Year: 2012

"Don't Mosh The Organ" is a song that appears to be how some people are constantly telling you how you should live your life or offering advice as to which paths you should choose. Once you brush these people off and start making your own decisions and making your own mistakes to learn from, then you will find what path to choose. The irony is that once you've found yourself and your calling, it's these same people that supposedly knew it all that come crawling back to you asking how you did this or did that. So you just brush them off again. The Dopamines formed as a band back in 2006, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band was originally intended to be a side project for members of Black Tie Bombers and Ukraine Crane. After a short tour in 2007 opening for The Queers, the members decided to break up their original bands and put the primary focus on The Dopamines. In 2008, the band hooked up with It's Alive Records and had two releases, their debut full length album "The Dopamines" and a split 7" with Till Plains. A live performance by The Dopamines at the 2009 Insubordination Fest was recorded and released as a live cd/dvd. Many punk fanzines and critics were raving about The Dopamines live show and the passion and energy and overall fun the band seemed to be having while performing. 2009 also saw the band release the EP "Soap And Lampshades" as well as a split with The Copyrights. In 2010, The Dopamines signed with Paper + Plastick Records and released their second full length album "Expect The Worst". The band then earned the opening slot on a Less Than Jake tour to support the album. They also released a 7" split with Be My Doppelganger that year as well. 2011 saw the band release a split with fellow punks Dear Landlord. In 2012, The Dopamines returned to It's Alive Records and released "Vices". Currently, while there has not been any definitive news that the band has any new material ready for release, they have in fact tracked some demos back in 2013, possibly for a new album. In 2014, the band released a song on their Bandcamp page that was available for free download. The Dopamines bring a brand of high energy, melodic pop punk that has similarities with fellow punk bands such as Dear Landlord, The Flatliners, Four Year Strong and House Boat. They're pop punk, but now quite as clean as a Green Day but a little more gritty like Green Day's side project Pinhead Gunpowder. If you're a fan of high energy, melodic punk rock, then The Dopamines is a band you should give a listen to.

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