Sunday, January 25, 2015

Song Of The Week: 1/25/15

Song: "This Song Is Recycled"

Artist: This Is A Standoff

Album: "Be Disappointed"

Year: 2009

"This Song Is Recycled" is a pretty straight forward song. It's basically about trying to protect the Earth and the environment. As the top of the food chain, humans have neglected the Earth and have taking everything it provides us for granted. The vocalist is basically saying that if we start taking care of the environment now, perhaps we can avoid animal distinction, polluted air and waters and the ultimate end of humanity. This Is A Standoff formed as a band back in 2007, hailing from Canada. When the band Belvedere broke up, members Steve Rawles and Graham Churchill decided that they quickly wanted to form a new band and get back out on the road thus, This Is A Standoff was formed. The band offered two demos on their MySpace page then earned an opening slot on a Mad Caddies' European tour. In 2007, the band released their debut album, "Be Excited", through Funtime Records. This album spawned the music video "You Won't Pass". In 2009, This Is A Standoff released their second album, "Be Disappointed". This album featured a music video for the song "Graveyards". 2011 saw the band release the EP "Be Delighted". By 2012, it was announced via the This Is A Standoff Facebook page that the band had decided to call it quits. For a band that started out as little more than a side project for the various members of the band, they wound up playing 322 shows and performed in 25 different countries. They played a brand of melodic hardcore similar to bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Reach The Sky or fellow Canadians Propaganghi. Lead singer/guitarist Steve Rawles apparently is working on a possible solo album currently. He has streamed some material via the internet while bassist Corey Tapp has formed a new band called Torches To Triggers. Other than that, it appears that This Is A Standoff is no longer a factor for any of the band members at this point going forward.

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