Sunday, March 1, 2015

Song Of The Week: 3/1/15

Song: "Man Of The Hour"

Artist: 98 Mute

Album: "After The Fall"

Year: 2002

"Man Of The Hour" is a song that appears to be about being cautious when it comes to those who you put complete faith in, total trust in or blind admiration towards because some of these people you deem as heroes are actually full of deception and are just using you for their own financial gains. Not everyone is exactly what they seem to be so it's important to use caution before you trust and to know that those you idolize are human and have flaws. 98 Mute formed as a band back in 1993, hailing from Hermosa Beach, California. They have an obvious connection to another Hermosa Beach punk band, Pennywise, in that 98 Mute's drummer is Justin Thirsk, younger brother of the late Jason Matthew Thirsk, original bass player and founding member of Pennywise. In 1995 the band signed on with Theologian Records and in 1996 they released their debut album "98 Mute", which featured the song "Another Boring Day". 1997 saw the band tour with Pennywise and Blink 182 and in 1998, they dropped "Class Of '98", featuring tracks like "Breakdown" and "Picture This". In 2000, 98 Mute hooked up with Epitaph Records and released "Slow Motion Riot", featuring the song "Slow Motion Riot". 2002 saw the band release "After The Fall", featuring the songs "Bullet For You" and "M.A.D.". This would prove to be 98 Mute's last record as the band broke up soon after it's release. Currently, 98 Mute is no longer an active band and hasn't been for more than 10 years. Justin Thirsk is seen quite often at Pennywise shows and often comes out on stage with the band during their closing anthem, "Bro Hymn" which has been transformed into a tribute for Justin's late brother Jason. 98 Mute is most often compared to Pennywise. Both bands hailing from Hermosa Beach. Both bands playing a hardcore, skate punk style of music. Both bands featuring political and social themed lyrics. Also, Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge has co-produced all four of 98 Mute's albums. Some would consider 98 Mute to be Pennywise's little brother. In the end, 98 Mute was not the band that Pennywise was, both musically and lyrically, so while they did have similarities, Pennywise was in another league while 98 Mute eventually dissolved under the pressures of trying to stay afloat in a music industry that tended to swallow struggling acts.


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