Sunday, June 21, 2015

Song Of The Week: 6/21/15

Song: "82"

Artist: Stone Sour

Album: "House Of Gold & Bones - Part 2"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Des Moines, Iowa

Years Active: 1992-1997, 2000-present


To understand what this song is about is to know that "House Of Gold & Bones" parts 1 and 2 are concept albums. "82" is sort of like the catalyst to the whole story. It's the main character, "The Human", looking back to his childhood and remembering his stepfather that was hateful and abusive to him. He sees that year, 1982, as the year when he lost his innocence as a young boy. He vowed to run away from that person and that pain and make sure he would never be like his stepfather. Looking back on his life now, however, he finds that he's just like his stepfather. It's quite a sobering and startling moment for the man but it is also a reminder that he can change who he is and he must change who he is because he doesn't want to be full of hate and be abusive to others. He wants to be a better person. "House Of Gold & Bones" parts 1 and 2 is basically the story of this man and his journey to evolve as a better human being.

STONE SOUR'S DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2002 - "Stone Sour" (Roadrunner Records)
2006 - "Come What(ever) May" (Roadrunner Records)
2010 - "Audio Secrecy" (Roadrunner Records)
2012 - "House Of Gold & Bones - Part 1" (Roadrunner Records)
2013 - "House Of Gold & Bones - Part 2" (Roadrunner Records)


Stone Sour's origins go back to 1992, when vocalist Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman formed the band. The band recorded several demos together, some of those tracks would later appear on the band's debut album "Stone Sour" in 2002. In 1995, however, Taylor became the lead vocalist for nu metal band Slipknot and Stone Sour was eventually put on the back burner. In 1997, Stone Sour basically disbanded as the prime focus shifted on Slipknot and the success that band was having. In 2000, Taylor enlisted guitarist Josh Rand and decided to re-form Stone Sour. While Slipknot is the more aggressive, more metal outfit, Stone Sour is more of an alternative metal/hard rock band, along the lines of bands such as Staind or Taproot with hints of metal/grunge icons Alice In Chains. Since the early 2000's, Stone Sour has become one of the more successful hard rock/metal outfits on the music scene. 4 of their 5 full length albums have reached the top 10 on rock music charts and they have been nominated for three Grammy Awards. Currently, Stone Sour has released "Meanwhile In Burbank" in 2015. This EP is the first in what will be three EP's to be released known as "The Burbank Trilogy". The other two EP's set for future release will be called "Straight Outta Burbank" and "No Sleep Till Burbank" respectively. All three EP's feature cover songs of bands that Stone Sour like and are influenced by.


1. Gone Sovereign
2. Through Glass
3. Say You'll Haunt Me
4. Tired
5. Absolute Zero
6. Get Inside
7. Bother
8. 30/30-150
9. Do Me A Favor
10. Inhale

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