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Song Of The Week: 7/5/15

Song: "Disappear"

Artist: The Ducky Boys

Album: "Dead End Streets"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1995-present


"Disappear" appears to be a break-up song. The vocalist kind of sees this relationship as doomed from the start. They both are from seemingly two different worlds and perhaps he feels she should have not had interest in him right from the start but that's how love works sometimes. I get a sense that there are still feelings for each other underneath but instead of working out their differences, you get a sense that the vocalist thinks she will be better off without him and it's best for her to just erase all of her memories of their time spent together.

THE DUCKY BOYS' DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

1997 - "No Getting Out" (GMM Records)
1998 - "Dark Days" (GMM Records)
2004 - "Three Chords And The Truth" (Thorp Records)
2006 - "The War Back Home" (Sailor's Grave Records)
2012 - "Chasing The Ghost" (State Line Records)
2013 - "Dead End Streets" (State Line Records)


The Ducky Boys formed as a band back in 1995, featuring Mark Lind on vocals/bass guitar, Mike Mardsen on vocals/guitar, Mike O'Leary on guitar and Jason Messina on drums. With a sound strongly rooted in Boston street punk, locally The Ducky Boys garnered a strong underground following. Following the release of their second album "Dark Days" in 1998, the band basically broke up. Mark Lind, the band's main songwriter and vocalist, would join a few local side projects, most notably Saints And Sinners and Dirty Water, both of which gained a moderate following in the Boston area. In 2004, Lind, Messina and newly recruited guitarist Douglas Sullivan would reform The Ducky Boys as a trio. The band's next two releases, 2004's "Three Chords And The Truth" and 2006's "The War Back Home", started giving The Ducky Boys some national recognition in punk circles. By 2013's "Dead End Streets", the band went back to a four piece with the addition of guitarist Rich Crimlisk. Currently, The Ducky Boys seem to be operating on a part-time basis. Though all the members have said that the band is still very much together, there hasn't been much action in their camp since their 2013 release "Dead End Streets". In 2014, the band did get together to perform a benefit concert with the Street Dogs and Avoid One Thing to raise money for 2 firefighters who were killed in duty. Lind, Crimlisk and Messina have formed a new band called The Warning Shots, which has a more aggressive edge than The Ducky Boys sound. Along with bands like Street Dogs and Dropkick Murphys, when you think Boston punk, you have to throw The Ducky Boys in there as well. Though their music is rooted in that Boston street punk style, over the years you could hear the influence of rock and roll in their music as well, much like a band like Social Distortion incorporates old rock-a-billy and even blues inspired classic rock like The Rolling Stones. Mark Lind is a busy man, juggling The Ducky Boys with his solo material, as well as his other side projects, Saints And Sinners, Dirty Water and most recently, The Warning Shots. Make no mistake, however, The Ducky Boys are his main project and hopefully, the band will release new material soon.


1. Tortured Soul
2. Enough Of My Time
3. Disappear
4. I'll Rise Up
5. Scars
6. Boston, USA
7. The Middle Children Of History
8. I Guess I'm Broken
9. Untitled
10. A Pretty Bad Year

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