Sunday, August 30, 2015

Song Of The Week: 8/30/15

Song: "Eyes Of A Child"

Artist: Sully Erna

Album: "Avalon"

Year: 2010

Place Or Origin: Lawrence, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1986-present


"Eyes Of A Child" is a song that appears to be about how so many of us turn our backs to the pain and sufferings of innocent children. Whether that is children from poor countries or children who are terminally ill or even those who are abused. Basically, children who's innocence has been lost for whatever reason and those of us who can try to do something sit back and don't do anything or don't do enough. It's the tragedy of watching children suffer and not doing anything about it.


2010 - "Avalon" (Universal/Republic Records)


Sully Erna has been a part of the music scene dating back to 1986. He got his first break with a band called Strip Mind who released an album in 1993 called "What's In Your Mouth". After basically getting kicked out of that band, Erna would make the career choice of his life, stepping away from the drum kit and becoming lead singer of a new band called Godsmack. From 1995 till the present day, Godsmack has earned it's status as one of the top hard rock/metal acts out there today. Erna and Godsmack released 7 studio full length albums as well as a live album and a greatest hits compilation in their 20 years as a band. Dating back to the band's 2003 "Faceless" album, Erna had privately been working on songs, including "Eyes Of A Child", that were not quite built for the Godsmack sound. While they were dark songs featuring, almost tribal overtones, they weren't quite heavy enough to be Godsmack songs. That's when Erna began to work on a solo album. In 2008 and 2009, Erna embarked on small solo tours while Godsmack was on a hiatus and in 2010, he released his solo debut, "Avalon". The album is a hauntingly, beautiful piece of music. If you like Godsmack songs like "Voodoo", "Serenity" or "Spiral", then you would enjoy Sully Erna's solo debut. It has a Zeppelin III vibe perhaps mixed in with "Jar Of Flies" by Alice In Chains. Erna has also released a live DVD, "Avalon Live", to accompany the album and also released an "Avalon" box set featuring the "Avalon" cd, dvd, a making of dvd and a live cd. Currently, Erna and Godsmack released their latest album "1000hp" in 2014 and toured to support that. He has also stated that he is working on material for a follow up to "Avalon". Because of his vocal style, Sully Erna will forever be linked favorably or unfavorably to Layne Staley of Alice In Chains and James Hetfield of Metallica. To be truthful, Godsmack is kinda like a mash-up of both of those bands. Maybe not as fast and aggressive as Metallica nor as dark and brooding as Alice In Chains, but somewhere in the middle. This has not hindered their success as a band however, even though you do have the haters who sometimes call them rip offs of either band. Erna's solo material, to me, tends to evoke Led Zeppelin, especially when they began experimenting with middle eastern sounds and vibes. Clearly, Sully Erna is one of the better metal vocalists out there today and has been for a while, whether solo or with his band Godsmack.


1. Sinner's Prayer
2. Eyes Of A Child
3. Avalon
4. The Rise
5. Until Then
6. Broken Road
7. The Departed
8. 7 Years
9. My Light
10. Cast Out (Spirit Ceremony)

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