Sunday, August 21, 2016

Song Of The Week: 8/21/16

Song: "Spiderbite"

Artist: Local H

Album: "Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1"

Year: 2010

Place Of Origin: Zion, Illinois

Years Active: 1987-present


"Spiderbite" appears to be a song about poison getting in your blood and in your veins. It slowly starts to creep in your brain and ultimately, it is going to kill you! "Spiderbite" is a cover song of a United Kingdom band called Winnebago Deal. The original version of the song can be found on their 2006 album, "Flight Of The Raven".

LOCAL H DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

1995 - Ham Fisted (Island Records)
1996 - As Good As Dead (Island Records)
1998 - Pack Up The Cats (Island Records)
2001 - Here Comes The Zoo (Palm Pictures Records)
2004 - Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles (Studio E Records)
2005 - Alive '05 (Cleopatra Records)
2006 - '99-'00 Demos (G & P Records)
2008 - Twelve Angry Months (Shout! Factory Records)
2010 - Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #1 - (G & P Records)
2012 - Hallelujah! I'm A Bum (Slimstyle Records)
2014 - Local H's Awesome Mix Tape #2 - (G & P Records)
2015 - Hey, Killer - (G & P Records)


Local H formed in 1987 when all the members were in high school. Originally called Rude Awakening, the band changed their name to Local H in 1990. Originally the band featured 4 members but as of 1993, only vocalist/guitarist Scott Lucas and drummer Joe Daniels remained. They decided to continue on as a two piece and, thanks to the grunge explosion of the early 90's, hooked on with major label Island Records in 1994. The band's second album with Island, 1996's "As Good As Dead", helped Local H attain a high level of success. The single "Bound For The Floor" reached #5 on the Billboard U.S. Alternative charts and two other singles, "Eddie Vedder" and "Fritz's Corner" both were in the top 40 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock charts. The band would never attain the same level of success as they did from their sophmore album though they did have moderate success with the singles "All The Kids Are Right", "Half Life" and "California Songs". A 2005 cover of Britney Spears' song "Toxic" also generated the band some airplay. Scott Lucas remains the heart and soul of Local H. He's the chief songwriter and lyricist and the one constant. Original drummer Joe Daniels left the band in 1999 and was replaced by Brian St. Claire who was replaced by Ryan Harding in 2013. The band's latest full length release was in 2015 called "Hey, Killer". Most recently, Local H has embarked on a 20th anniversary tour to celebrate their "As Good As Dead" album. Original drummer, Joe Daniels, performed with Lucas for the whole album in it's entirety, then Harding comes back out to play drums for other Local H hits and covers. Local H has quite the reputation for their live shows. At times they've had fans vote on setlists and on Halloweens, they have played entire shows covering certain artists from Nirvana, Kiss, Pink Floyd and more. Local H is a product of the grunge/post grunge/alternative sound so if you are a fan of bands like The Toadies, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Bush and early Silverchair, then you would probably enjoy the sounds of Local H as well. Hell, they made the 2 man band popular way before the White Stripes!!


1. Bound For The Floor
2. All The Kids Are Right
3. Hands On The Bible
4. Eddie Vedder
5. Team (Lorde cover)
6. Fritz's Corner
7. California Songs
8. All-Right (Oh, Yeah)
9. Half Life
10. Everyone Alive

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