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Song Of The Week: 11/27/16

Song: "Enemy"

Artist: Drowning Pool

Album: "Full Circle"

Year: 2007

Place Of Origin: Dallas, Texas

Years Active: 1996-present


Drowning Pool singer at the time, Ryan McCombs, said in an interview that he wrote this song directly about his former bandmates in Soil. When he departed Soil, even though their were internal conflicts within the band, he chose to say he left for personal reasons, specifically to spend more time with his family. The guys in Soil, however, began to trash McCombs in the press. "Enemy" was basically McCombs' retort to all the things the members of Soil said about him. "Enemy" is basically about taking the high road even as people are trying to bring you down.

DROWNING POOL DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2001 - Sinner (Wind Up Records)
2004 - Desensitized (Wind Up Records)
2007 - Full Circle (Eleven Seven Records)
2009 - Loudest Common Denominator (Eleven Seven Records)
2010 - Drowning Pool (Eleven Seven Records)
2013 - Resilience (Eleven Seven Records)
2016 - Hellelujah (eOne Music)


Drowning Pool formed as a band back in 1996, hailing from Dallas, Texas. In 2001, the band released their debut album, "Sinner". Thanks in part to the lead single "Bodies" and a spot on that year's Ozzfest tour, "Sinner" was certified platinum within just six weeks from the date of it's release. It was a rush of success that the band would never attain again, but it instantly made the band headliner material. Just when things seemed to be on the up for the band, tragedy struck when lead singer Dave Williams was found dead on their tour bus. Heart disease was found as the cause of his untimely death. Trying to continue on as a band, they released "Desensitized" in 2004 with Jason Jones on vocals. Almost immediately, the chemistry between Jones and the band was not condusive to remaining together and he was gone after only one album. Enter Ryan McCombs. Formerly of the band Soil, McCombs provided vocals on 2007's "Full Circle", 2009's live album, "Loudest Common Denominator" and 2010's "Drowning Pool". McCombs was a solid replacement for Dave Williams and it seemed to really click with the band but, in 2011, he would leave Drowning Pool and return to his old band Soil. In 2012, the band settled on yet another lead singer, Jason Moreno, formerly of the band The Suicide Hook. He would provide vocals on the band's 2013 album "Resilience" and their latest album, 2016's "Hellelujah". He is currently still the band's lead vocalist, for now!! The remaining band members, guitarist C.J. Pierce, bassist Stevie Benton and drummer Mike Luce have remained the constants in Drowning Pool since day 1. It's a testament to them that Drowning Pool keeps on surviving with different lead vocalists. The band most recently embarked on the "Make America Rock Again" tour which also featured bands like Trapt, Saliva, 12 Stones, Fuel, Tantric and P.O.D. Drowning Pool's sound is kind of a mix between heavy metal, hard rock, post grunge and nu metal. The band cites Metallica, Guns N'Roses, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pantera and Motley Crue as their major influences. Their contemporaries are bands like Soil, Godsmack, Sevendust, Disturbed and Stone Sour to name a few. To me, nothing beats the Dave Williams era, as short as it was. "Sinner" is a great, heavy album and Dave was a great vocalist. The second best era of Drowning Pool I believe was the Ryan McCombs era. McCombs vocals just fit right with the band's sound and some of their best songs, like "Shame", came about in his era. I'm not a huge fan of either Jason Jones or Jason Moreno, but I'm happy to see the band still moving forward.


1. Bodies
2. 37 Stitches
3. Tear Away
4. Feel Like I Do
5. Step Up
6. Break You
7. Shame
8. By The Blood
9. Bleed With You
10. Sinner

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