Sunday, December 18, 2016

Song Of The Week: 12/18/16

Song: "Ditch Digger"

Artist: Jared Hart

Album: "Past Lives & Pass Lines"

Year: 2015

Place Of Origin: Bayonne, New Jersey

Years Active: 2004 - present


After reading the lyrics to "Ditch Digger", I get the sense the song is about someone who is so concerned with everything around them that is going on in the world, that they don't take the time to help or heal themselves. It's like they are digging their own hole by having the weight of the world on their shoulders. The only way to get out is to fix yourself first before worrying about everyone or everything else. Could be wrong about that but that's my interpretation of the song.

JARED HART DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2015 - Past Lives & Pass Lines (Gunner Records)


Jared Hart is best known as being the front man for New Jersey punk band The Scandals. He formed The Scandals back in 2004 and for the past 12 years, they released two full length albums and a number of EP's, split singles and 7" singles. Like many a punk band frontman, in 2015, Hart decided to do some solo acoustic touring and by the end of that year released his debut solo album, "Past Lives & Pass Lines". A video was made for the song "Heads Or Tails" on that album. Most recently, Hart released an acoustic version of The Scandals song "Lucky 7's" in 2016. He also played some solo dates in the U.K. in the fall of 2016. If he's not doing solo shows, he's most likely out on the road with The Scandals. Either way, Hart is very active on the touring front. Lots of times, he or his band are opening up for Brian Fallon or The Gaslight Anthem. Early on in Hart's career, Fallon took him and his band under his wing. The New Jersey natives hit it off early on and they often pair up on the same bills together. So of course, when it comes to style, Hart is like many punk band frontmen who've went the solo route like Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem), Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners). As I said before, Hart is a road dog!! Whether it's solo or with The Scandals, he's a hard working artist so support him or his band when they get to your town!


1. Heads Or Tails
2. Lucky 7's (acoustic)
3. Totem
4. The Guillotine
5. The Runaround
6. Basements
7. The Leo
8. Ditch Digger
9. Deacon Ain't Dead Yet
10. Interlude

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