Sunday, January 22, 2017

Song Of The Week: 1/22/17

Song: "A Portrait Of The Artist As A Drunk Man"

Artist: Rum Runner

Album: "What's The Music Mean To You"

Year: 2009

Place Of Origin: Calgary, Canada

Years Active: 2001 - present


Can't find the lyrics for "A Portrait Of The Artist As A Drunk Man" but, after listening to the song, I get the sense that the vocalist has found what he thinks is the love of his life. Perhaps, through his drunken eyes, he misread this because, though he waits for her and though she said she would come back, she never does. He's left with his broken heart and his thirst for alcohol.

RUM RUNNER DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2003 - Association (Longshot Music)
2005 - In Guns At Cyrano's (Stumble Records)
2009 - What's The Music Mean To You (Stumble Records)


Rum Runner formed as a band back in 2001, hailing from Calgary, Alberta. There is not a whole lot out there on the internet when it comes to news about this Canadian punk and roll band, what is known is that their debut album, "Association" came out in 2003. The band forged a relationship with Stumble Records for their next two releases, 2005's "In Guns At Cyrano's" and 2009's "What's The Music Mean To You". Also, besides their three full length albums, the band also put out two 7" singles and one split 7" single. The band's most recent release was the 2011, two song 7" single, "Sings...Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! & Icewagon". Rum Runner considers their sound to be melodic punk and roll. Their style is reminiscent of bands like The Ducky Boys, The Go Set, Knucklehead, My Life In Black And White and Bastards On Parade. There are elements of street punk, folk punk, celtic punk and even some rock-a-billy punk in their music. As I said earlier, there isn't much out there on the net about Rum Runner. No Facebook page. No Bandcamp page. They haven't released anything since 2011 so for all I know, they may have broken up. Your guess is as good as mine.


1. The Leaving Of Liverpool
2. My Rifle, My Pony And Me
3. Tobacco Eyes
4. A Portrait Of The Artist As A Drunk Man
5. The Punks Are Due On Maple Street
6. Torn Ten Dollar Bill
7. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
8. So Long Outsider
9. Sugar Sweet
10. Streams Of Whiskey

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