Sunday, February 13, 2011

Song Of The Week: 2/13/11

Song: "Wash"

Artist: Pearl Jam

Album: "Lost Dogs"

Year: 2003

This song appears to be about how being true and pure can sometimes be overtaken by temptation and sin. To me, the vocalist is kind of living a double life. He struggles with the fact that he wants to be faithful and honest at home, but it's his lies and infidelities that, if they would ever come to the surface and see the light, would kill his relationship with the one he really loves. In the end, he just wishes his impurities would be washed away but you don't really get the impression that he can forgive himself for his sins let alone be forgiven by the one he's sinned. "Wash" is one of the first songs that Pearl Jam ever recorded as a band. The song was recorded during the "Ten" sessions and released as a b-side on 1991's "Alive" single. 2003's "Lost Dogs" contains a slightly different recording of "Wash" as well. Pearl Jam formed as a band in 1990 from the ashes of Mother Love Bone. When Mother Love Bone lead singer Andy Wood died of a heroin overdose, fellow bandmates Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament weren't quite sure if they would continue to make music together. Luckily, Stone would ask Jeff to help out on some demo's that he was working on. Throw Mike McCready in the mix and a demo tape that Stone gave to Jack Irons, who then gave the tape to Eddie Vedder and alas, Pearl Jam was born. Looking back as the band is celebrating it's 20th anniversary, you could argue that Pearl Jam is the greatest American band of all time. During their career, they have released nine studio albums, various singles and live albums, not to mention bootleg recordings which you can purchase through their fan club website. Pearl Jam has a fanbase that has not been seen since the Grateful Dead. Seeing them perform live, you definitely get why fans have so much passion for this band. It's quite the experience. Currently, Pearl Jam is working on re-issues of their "VS" and "Vitalogy" albums scheduled for release in early 2011. Director Cameron Crowe is also working on a documentary of the band celebrating their twenty years in the music industry. The band also has a 20th anniversary festival planned for some time in the summer of 2011.

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