Sunday, February 6, 2011

Song Of The Week: 2/6/11

Song: "Only The Strong" (piano version)

Artist: Flaw

Album: "Through The Eyes"

Year: 2001

"Only The Strong" is a song about how dealing with life's adversities and the pain that goes along with them will only serve to make you stronger in the end. Those who endure will most likely survive. Those who cannot deal with the pain and the pressures probably will not. The vocalist in this song is really using pain and deceit that he's had during his life to strengthen who he is now. Flaw is a nu metal band that formed back in 1995. Their style is very similar to several bands that came out in the mid to late 90's such as Staind, Evanescence and Chevelle. From 1995 to 2000, Flaw would independently release two albums plus an EP. It wasn't until 2001 that they would release their first major label album, "Through The Eyes". Any success the band would have would be due to this album. They would release a follow-up in 2004, "Endangered Species", but this album really was not much of a success for the band. Inner turmoil would become a common occurrence for Flaw eventually leading to the band calling it quits in 2004. In 2006, Flaw would try to reunite and did to perform some live shows but the problems that became so prevalent in the past would arise once again. The band was a constant revolving door of band members, the one constant was normally lead singer Chris Volz. The band did get together in 2009 to record and independently release their third album, "Home Grown Studio Sessions". In 2010, however, once again the band had to cancel their entire tour due to internal conflicts. Currently, though the band says it is still intact, it's looking more and more like Flaw's days as a band are very much numbered.

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