Sunday, March 13, 2011

Song Of The Week: 3/13/11

Song: "Always There"

Artist: Slick Shoes

Album: "Far From Nowhere"

Year: 2003

You can look at this song from two possible viewpoints. First, if you factor in that Slick Shoes is very much a Christian band, the song could definitely be about God's love for you and, if you completely embrace that love, then perhaps you can realize your full potential as a human being. On the other hand, you can interpret that the vocalist is talking about his soulmate of sorts. This person sees in the vocalist what he possibly does not see in himself and it's her unconditional love that allows him to realize all the good potential that he has. As I said, Slick Shoes was a Christian pop punk/skate punk band that formed back in 1994. The most common comparison for Slick Shoes style of music is probably a band like MxPx. Both of these bands got their starts on Christian label Tooth & Nail. In a ten year span, Slick Shoes would release five studio albums along with an EP and a split with Autopilot Off (Cooter at the time). "Far From Nowhere" would be the last full length album that the band would release. In 2004, the band went on an indefinite hiatus. In 2007, after three years away from Slick Shoes, the band decided to reunite and played several live shows, their last taking place in 2008. The band has said that though they would not tour extensively, they would play some shows and had planned on recording a new album. Currently, the status of Slick Shoes is kind of up in the air. It's now 2011, and as far as I know, the band has not played live in a while nor has there been any news of new material set to be released. The band does have a side project called Sigmund, but their releases have also been rather sporadic the last couple of years.

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