Sunday, March 20, 2011

Song Of The Week: 3/20/11

Song: "Days With You"

Artist: Fuel

Album: "Natural Selection"

Year: 2003

"Days With You" is a "relationship destroyed by cheating and lies" type of song. In the song, the vocalist almost puts his love interest on a high pedestal only to find out that her lies and infidelities would be the cause of so much pain and emotional scars for him. Fuel formed as a band back in 1993 and were very much the baby of lead guitarist Carl Bell. Bell handled the majority of the song writing as well as the lyrics for fuel. The band achieved some success riding singles such as "Shimmer", "Bad Day", "Falls On Me" and their most successful radio hit, "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)". They are very much a mainstream rock band much in the same vein as bands like 3 Doors Down. They seem to strive to make that radio friendly, sing a long type of rock music, though they do have times when they try to get a little more aggressive. In 2004, lead singer and original member Brett Scallions left the band. While Carl Bell said that the singer's voice had been giving him problems, Scallions declared that he was not allowed to be a creative member of the band. Bell decided to continue on with Fuel and in 2007, the band released "Angels & Devils" with new lead singer Toryn Green. Green was really just a cheap Scallions imitator and the band definitely lost some of it's luster without it's original lead singer. As Fuel went on a little hiatus, original bassist Jeff Abercrombie hooked up with Scallions and the two went out on tour under the moniker, "Re-Fueled". By 2010, Abercrombie would eventually leave Re-Fueled leaving Scallions as the only original member of Fuel. With a new line-up and after some negotiations with Carl Bell, Scallions was allowed to use the name Fuel for all future endeavors. So far the band has gone into the studio and finished one song called "Headache". Currently, Scallions has stated that he and the band wrote plenty of material while touring and that they should be working on a new album soon.

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