Sunday, April 17, 2011

Song Of The Week: 4/17/11

Song: "Through My Window"

Artist: Cub Country

Album: "High Uinta High"

Year: 2002

This is a beautifully written song about the one that got away. In the song, the vocalist can only dream about what would have been the perfect life had his relationship with the love of his life survived. Now he just wallows in his own depression and loneliness knowing that that life is nothing more than a fading dream. Cub Country is a country/folk, indie type of band that was formed back in 2000. Cub Country is really the baby of Jeremy Chatelain. Chatelain had been the bassist of Jets To Brazil prior to starting Cub Country. Fellow Jets To Brazil member and legendary frontman of the punk outfit Jawbreaker, Blake Schwarzenbach also helped Jeremy out on some Cub Country material. Some may also recognize Chatelain as the front man for 90's hard rock band Handsome. Far removed from those hardcore days, Chatelain wanted to focus on songwriting and bringing forth a sense of Americana with his new band. A listen to Cub Country's music almost seems to take you out on the plains and plateaus of the western part of the United States. "High Uinta High" started out as a solo project of sorts for Chatelain, but soon more and more musicians would contribute to the project, and especially later projects to give Cub Country an overall band feel. The band would release two more albums, adding some electric guitar elements to what was mostly an acoustic style on the first record. The band's most recent release was 2009's "Stretch That Skull Cover And Smile". Currently, though Cub Country does not tour as much as in the early days of the band due to Chatelain focusing on his family, the band is still very much intact and will continue to be the main vehicle for Chatelain to put his music out to the masses.

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