Sunday, April 24, 2011

Song Of The Week: 4/24/11

Song: "Slumbering"

Artist: Samiam

Album: "Soar"

Year: 1991

"Slumbering" is a song about zoning out. Sometimes to get away from the daily grind that is life, you need to just step away and take some time to yourself to just collect your thoughts. Call it vegging out, day dreaming or whatever, it's all about taking some time to escape the realities surrounding you and just taking a moment to breathe. Samiam formed as a band back in 1988. They were considered "emo" before emo was a bad word! As for style, they are very similar to a band such as Jawbreaker. There are some definite punk elements without going full on punk. I just consider them a solid all around rock band. Samiam never quite broke out of the underground when it came to gaining any long term success as a band. Their high point was probably the single "She Found You" which was released in 1998. Even that song only achieved moderate success. Samiam was very much a part of the alternative movement that was a huge part of the 90's music scene. In 2000, following a tour to support their album "Astray", it appeared as if Samiam was going to call it quits. A break-up turned out to be nothing more than a hiatus for the band however and in 2006, they would release "Whatever's Got You Down". This would be the band's last studio recording as of now. From 2006 to 2010, Samiam became quite the touring band. Most of their tours would focus on playing Europe and South America as well as a stint in Australia. They also sprinkled in a few U.S. tour dates along the way. Currently, as of March 2011, word is that Samiam is hard at work on a new album. No release date has been posted yet for a new release however.

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