Sunday, May 1, 2011

Song Of The Week: 5/1/11

Song: "Divine Intervention"

Artist: Autopilot Off

Album: "Make A Sound"

Year: 2004

After reading the lyrics to "Divine Intervention", I get the sense the vocalist is trying to figure out the various questions that life brings us. Why do we bring people into our lives while we leave others behind? Why do we grow attached to some things while letting other things go? Why do we make the choices we do? Perhaps it's just easier to say that the reasons we do what we do are because of divine intervention. Our path has already been determined so there is no need to question our actions, just act. Autopilot Off formed as a band back in 1996. Originally, the band went under the moniker Cooter. They would release a full length album as well as an EP and a split with the band Slick Shoes under the Cooter name. In 2002, Cooter was forced to change their name to Autopilot Off due to legal action brought forth from another band who held the name The Cooters. As Autopilot Off, the band would release a few more EP's as well as their major label debut, 2004's "Make A Sound". While there's nothing extraordinary about Autopilot Off, nor anything that totally separates them from other pop punk/skate punk bands, "Make A Sound" was quite a solid album from beginning to end. This makes it all the more surprising that in 2005, just one year after releasing "Make A Sound", the band would go on an indefinite hiatus. This hiatus would turn into an eventual break-up of the band. This was very unfortunate news for fans of the band. Autopilot Off seemed to have a lot of promise as a band and this abrupt end seemed to happen all too soon. Currently, the band members have all focused on their lives away from the band and on their families. There is no sign of Autopilot Off working together again.

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