Sunday, May 8, 2011

Song Of The Week: 5/8/11

Song: "Radio Prayer Line"

Artist: Sponge

Album: "New Pop Sunday"

Year: 1999

This song is about a mother-to-be. In the song, she's is hoping or praying that her newborn child does not have to suffer the same pains and misfortunes that have plagued her own life. She has seen her own parents go through a divorce and her father pushed most of the blame on her growing up. She's worried that the father of her child will do the same to her that her father did to her mother. By the end of the song, you get the sense that she is being comforted and that she should not have these fears because everything is going to work out fine for her. Sponge formed as a band back in 1991, hailing from Detroit, MI. They are one of the bands that hopped on the grunge/alternative bandwagon and enjoyed the ride, at least for a short while. Their 1994 debut, "Rotting Pinata" was a huge success for the band as hit singles "Molly" and "Plowed" were constant staples on any modern rock radio stations. Their success would continue with their follow-up album "Wax Ecstatic". By the time of their third album, 1999's "New Pop Sunday", the roller coaster ride of success began going down for Sponge. They experimented with a less grittier sound and a more polished pop style, much to the dismay of their fan base. During the 2000's, Sponge would continue on as a band, releasing three more albums as well as an EP. Lead singer, Vinnie Dombroski has remained the only original member in the band as the line-up has changed several times. During their music career so far, Sponge has gone from headlining arena shows, to now filling much smaller clubs but their core fanbase has remained loyal to the band. They're almost like an underground band now compared to their 90's heyday. Currently, rumors are out there that Sponge are going to release a new album in 2011 tentatively titled "Soak It Up".

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