Sunday, May 15, 2011

Song Of The Week: 5/15/11

Song: "Get It Right"

Artist: Don't Look Down

Album: "Start The Show"

Year: 2002

"Get It Right" follows a common theme that occurs in many pop/punk songs of a relationship on the brink. You get the feeling that outside forces, such as old friends, are influencing the girl to end the relationship while the guy (vocalist) is trying to hold on to the relationship telling her that they don't need them, they only need each other. In the end, it seems like he loses. Maybe next time he'll "get it right". Don't Look Down formed as a band back in 1998 in New Jersey. After several years of being nothing more than a punk cover band, they finally got their break in 2002 and released their first album "Start The Show". This album showed that they were a typical pop punk band, perhaps a cross in style of bands like MxPx and Jimmy Eat World. With their follow up EP "Five" and 2004's "The Fear In Love", Don't Look Down began showing a more mature songwriting style and sound without totally losing their focus on hooks and melodies. It wasn't long after the release of "The Fear In Love" that Don't Look Down ceased to exist as a band. Perhaps it was just getting lost in the overload of pop/punk bands that were coming out at the time or maybe the band just ran it's course. In 2006, Don't Look Down lead singer Ryan Ogren joined another pop/punk outfit Over It as a guitarist and background vocalist. Some years later, Ogren and members of Over It and Rufio formed a new band called Runner Runner. Ogren, once again assumed lead vocals and guitar for this band. Currently, it seems Runner Runner is the main focus for Ryan Ogren which means Don't Look Down probably will not see the light of day anytime soon. Barring a change of heart from Ogren, it's probably safe to close the book on Don't Look Down as a band.

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