Sunday, October 16, 2011

Song Of The Week: 10/16/11

Song: "Radio"

Artist: Hot Water Music

Album: "Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music" Split EP

Year: 2002

"Radio" is a song about a relationship that is so far gone that the vocalist doesn't just want her to leave, he wants to kill her!! The classic lines "I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you. Plugged in, and ready to fall" really say it all when you think about what he really feels about her. "Radio" was originally written by Chicago based punk band Alkaline Trio and was released on their 2000 album, "Maybe I'll Catch Fire". When Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music decided to record a split EP together, both bands decided to cover the other's songs. One of the songs Hot Water Music chose was "Radio". I believe Hot Water Music's version of "Radio" really captures what the song is about much better. It probably has to do with Chuck Ragan's raspy vocals in contrast to Matt Skiba's on the Alkaline Trio version. Either way, both versions of "Radio" are great songs. I could make an argument that "Radio" is Alkaline Trio's best song. Hot Water Music formed as a band back in 1993, hailing from Gainesville, FL. They built a strong following due to their great live shows and their tight musicianship. Though the band never really crossed over to achieve huge amounts of fame, they were well respected in punk rock circles and would become a very influential band. Some bands that drew clear inspiration from Hot Water Music are The Gaslight Anthem, The Loved Ones, Flatliners and the Polar Bear Club. After constantly touring and releasing albums at a steady clip for some thirteen years, in 2006, Hot Water Music went on a bit of a hiatus due to lead singer Chuck Ragan having to step away from the band to care for his family. During this break from Hot Water Music, the remaining three members went on to form The Draft and released the album, "In A Million Pieces". Chuck Ragan also began dabbling in acoustic/folk orientated music and began releasing some solo material. When 2007 rolled around, rumors began to circulate that Hot Water Music were planning to get back together. By January of 2009, the rumors became fact as Hot Water Music got back together to perform a small tour. The band would also self-produce a 7" entitled "The Fire, The Steel, The Tread/Up To Nothing". Currently, the band has signed with Rise Records and are working on a new full length album. Chuck Ragan is still recording solo material as well, most recently 2011's "Covering Ground".

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