Sunday, October 23, 2011

Song Of The Week: 10/23/11

Song: "My Last Known Address"

Artist: Reach The Sky

Album: "Open Roads And Broken Dreams"

Year: 1999

At first glance of the lyrics to "My Last Known Address" by Reach The Sky, it seems that this song is about a relationship that is ultimately doomed. After reading it several times, I do feel it's about a crumbling relationship, but i'm not so sure it is a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife relationship. I get the feeling it's a mother/son or a father/son situation. You can see the boy is starting to fall apart, perhaps by the pressures of trying to meet the ideals or the standards of the parent. The parent has essentially turned their back on the boy. I sense that the boy is at his breaking point, possibly suicidal and he says the weight of his actions will fall squarely on the shoulders of the parent. The other reason I feel that suicide could be the ultimate theme here is in the title of the song, "My Last Known Address". Reach The Sky was a hardcore punk band from Boston, MA that formed back in 1997. Their style reminds me of bands such as Good Riddance and A Wilhelm Scream, definitely punk with a harder edge but without totally losing some melodic qualities. Reach The Sky was definitely an underground band, never quite breaking out into the mainstream and mostly garnering a local following in the Boston area. During their six year career as a band, Reach The Sky released two studio albums, 4 EP's as well as a split 7". By 2003, the band had dissolved but most of it's members stayed involved in the music scene, a few of it's members joining the band Bane. In 2009, Reach The Sky members got back together in hopes of re-igniting the spark that the band once had. This reunion would prove to be short lived however, basically closing the book on the band's existence. Currently, there have been no signs that Reach The Sky will reform, whether for creating new music or just playing a few shows. They're pretty much a done deal.

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