Sunday, November 27, 2011

Song Of The Week: 11/27/11

Song: "A Man Alone"

Artist: Finch

Album: "Say Hello To Sunshine"

Year: 2005

"A Man Alone" appears to be a song about losing one's identity. The vocalist not only questions himself but also everyone and everything around him. At some point, the vocalist realizes that everything he put into his life, the blood, sweat and tears if you will, didn't quite turn out the way he expected. He woke up one day feeling as if maybe he sold himself out, maybe that the friends around him really aren't his friends. His very own identity has been compromised. Finch is a California band that started out back in 1999. After working together for about two years, Finch would release an EP entitled "Falling Into Place" in 2001. This EP was soon followed by their first full length studio album in 2002 called "What It Is To Burn". On the strength of the title track to that album plus the single "Letters To You", Finch began gaining a faithfull following of fans. When it came to creating their second full length album, 2005's "Say Hello To Sunshine", inner turmoil and conflicts started to rise within the band. Chinks began to show in the armor. Much of these conflicts were about what musical direction Finch would take. Some in the band wanted to continue with the more alternative rock style of "What It Is To Burn" while others in the band wanted Finch to become more of a post-hardcore band. "Say Hello To Sunshine" would have a more gritty feel to it, using much more screaming vocals than the previous album. Tensions within the band would lead to a small hiatus for Finch. This hiatus would only last a year however. The band announced some reunion shows for late 2007 and also would release an EP titled "Finch" in 2008. While working on a new album, the band abruptly decided to call it quits in 2010. The five members of the band just seemed to be pulling in different directions musically and decided to officially disband Finch. Most recently, despite the break-up, Finch has released a two track digital single called "Epilogue" as well as a new version of the "Finch" EP with three extra tracks on it. It's also not hard to find the demos the band was working on for their third album on the internet with a little searching. Other than that, Finch is basically a done deal. The book has officially closed.

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