Sunday, December 4, 2011

Song Of The Week: 12/4/11

Song: "Apparition"

Artist: No Use For A Name

Album: "Keep Them Confused"

Year: 2005

"Apparition" appears to be a song about complete and utter depression. The vocalist feels so rejected by the outside world that all he wants to do is lock himself away in his room and lay in bed. Even trying to sleep his life away comes with it's problems as well, as his sleep is often interrupted by constant nightmares. While he tries to call on his ego to help him get out of this funk, his ego appears to him as nothing more than an apparition to him. Therefore, the one thing that might possibly save him ultimately can not. No Use For A Name is a punk band hailing from San Jose, California which started out back in 1987. Early on, No Use was more of a hardcore punk band, especially with original lead singer John Meyers at the helm. By 1989, Meyers would be replaced by guitarist and vocalist Tony Sly. Sly would eventually become the driving force of the band, becoming the chief songwriter and changing the musical direction of the band. In 1993, No Use joined historic punk label, Fat Wreck Chords. No Use along with NOFX and Lagwagon would give Fat Wreck it's signature sound. At this time, No Use began becoming less hardcore and more melodic/skate punk. In the mid 90's, when punk rock began having a resurgence of sorts thanks to bands like Green Day, Offspring, Bad Religion and Rancid, No Use started achieving it's best success as a band, right around the releases of their 1995 album "Leche Con Carne" and 1997's "Making Friends". No Use was kind of in that second tier of punk bands that emerged on the scene at that time. They didn't quite manage the success of Green Day or Rancid, but they always managed to get their respect. They were regulars on punk festivals such as the Warped Tour throughout the years. As the band entered the 2000's, they weren't quite as active as they had been in the 90's but still managed to release new material, their last album being 2008's "The Feel Good Record Of The Year". Much of the sporadic tours and releases as a band were mostly because of Tony Sly working on his solo material, which was more singer/songwriter acoustic stuff. The band is still very much intact, however. No Use For A Name still tours when Tony Sly isn't focused on doing some solo shows. Currently, the band has been comfirmed that they are working on a new album with a tentative release date scheduled for early 2012.

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