Sunday, December 18, 2011

Song Of The Week: 12/18/11

Song: "In The Air Tonight"

Artist: Lostprophets

Album: "Last Summer" EP

Year: 2004

"In The Air Tonight" was originally written and recorded by former Genesis frontman Phil Collins and released on his 1981 album "Face Value". The song was written about a failing relationship between Collins and his then-wife at the time. The song is full of bitterness and anger towards his former wife and at the betrayal with which she did to him. "In The Air Tonight" is arguably one of the most popular songs which came out of the 80's decade. Lostprophets covered "In The Air Tonight" and in 2004, released the song as a b-side to their hit single "Last Summer". Lostprophets formed as a band back in 1997, hailing from Pontypridd, Wales. The band's first album, 2000's "Thefakesoundofprogress" definitely garnered the band some attention but it was their next two album that really blew up for the band, especially in America. 2004's "Start Something" and 2006's "Liberation Transmission" really put Lostprophets on the map in the music world, mostly thanks to successful singles such as "Last Train Home", "Wake Up", "Last Summer" and "Rooftops". They were a hard band to actually label because so many musical styles influenced their work. Sometimes they were referred to as nu-metal, other times alternative rock or just plain hard rock. They definitely used various elements to help create their own signature sound. You can hear elements of metal, pop, and even punk at times in their music. After releasing "Liberation Transmission" it took the band some three years to finally release their follow up, 2010's "The Betrayed". By the time of this release, Lostprophets lost some steam in the States as far as popularity goes, but in the U.K., they were still largely successful. Due to their past successes, they are still considered "headliner" material when it comes to tours and various festivals around the world. Currently, Lostprophets spent most of 2011 hard at work on their soon to be released fifth album which is slated for an early 2012 release.

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