Sunday, August 25, 2013

Song Of The Week: 8/25/13

Song: "Stop Whining"

Artist: Rufio

Album: "Perhaps, I Suppose"

Year: 2001

Some say that "Stop Whining" is a song that bashes the "emo" scene. It takes offense to the whiney kids who act like they are always depressed and suicidal just to get attention. The vocalist is basically telling this person to grow up and think about the consequences of the things they say. Think about the people you would affect if you really did commit suicide. Think about others for once instead of only thinking about yourself. Rufio is a pop punk band that formed back in 2000. They are from California. The band hooked on with record label The Militia Group early on and in 2001 released their debut album, "Perhaps, I Suppose". In 2003, the band moved on to Nitro Records and released their second album, "MCMLXXXV". This album garnered them their first appearance on the famed Warped Tour. 2005 saw the band release "The Comfort Of Home". This album showed their sound mature a bit from their earlier releases and is my personal favorite of the band. Fractures in the foundation began to appear in Rufio in 2006. The band was forced to pull out of a tour supporting No Use For A Name amid various line-up changes and inner turmoil. In 2007, it was announced via the band's MySpace page that they would play one show on June 1, 2007 at the Glass House in Pomona, California, then embark on a farewell tour through South America. The band did reunite, however, to record and release their fourth full length album, "Anybody Out There", in 2010. This marked a return to The Militia Group for Rufio. Rufio also released "The Loneliest" EP in 2010 as well. After some touring in support of "Anybody Out There", it was decided in 2012 that the band would be no longer as Rufio officially announced their break-up. Currently, most of the band members are focused on other projects and it appears as though Rufio is a done deal. The band never really broke through and got the recognition that similar bands got. It appeared to be an uphill battle for Rufio from the very start of their musical career. They chugged along but could never quite get over the hump.

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