Sunday, August 4, 2013

Song Of The Week: 8/4/13

Song: "Where We Breathe"

Artist: Boys Night Out

Album: "Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses"

Year: 2002

Some say "Where We Breathe" is based on a book titled "Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer". The song follows a relationship where the girl's worst day is better than the vocalist's best day. Though he tries to show that this doesn't grate on him, it is, in fact, eating him on the inside. He's at the point where he's ready to veer off the road and watch her die in the cold November water. Clearly, the vocalist is murderous. Boys Night Out formed as a band back in 2001, hailing from Ontario, Canada. In the early days of the band, as shown from my song of the week "Where We Breathe", the band kind of fit into the post-hardcore scene, with screaming vocals and a bit heavier sound. They released an independent demo called "You Are My Canvas" in 2001. This got the band signed to One Day Savior Records and in 2002, the band released the EP "Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses". Interest in the band began spreading rapidly and eventually they signed with Ferret Records. In 2003, the band released their full length debut album "Make Yourself Sick". The band's sound was notably lighter and more pop orientated with the release of this album. The album did, however, garner the band a supporting slot on My Chemical Romance's tour. It also marked the first time the band was invited to play the Warped Tour. Boys Night Out was also featured on the Nintendo Fusion tour around this time with fellow bands Motion City Soundtrack and The Starting Line. In 2005, the band released an ambitious concept album entitled "Trainwreck". The album follows a story of a man who loses his sanity, murders his wife and chops his hands off so that he can't murder again. The album is like a conversation between the man and his doctor. In 2007, the band released their self titled "Boys Night Out" album. This album featured the single "Up With Me". Thoughout their career as a band, Boys Night Out has been kind of a revolving door of band members. They never seemed to be able to keep a consistent line-up through the years. In 2009, after almost two years of not playing live shows or releasing any new material, the original five members of Boys Night Out played a one off show on October 24th in Toronto. They played "Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses" and "Make Yourself Sick" in their entirety at this show. Shorly after this performance, a message was left on the band's Facebook page stating that they are currently label free and they are enjoying the freedom of not having to be forced to have material done by a certain date. They are expectation free. Though they did not mention a break up, they did hint at a bit of a hiatus from playing live or recording any material at the time. In 2013, Boys Night Out lead singer, Conner Lovat-Fraser stated that he didn't believe the band would be getting back together. Fans got a glimmer of hope when it was announced on the band's Twitter account that the band had indeed just finished recording a brand new album. Two days after this tweet, however, the band said that their Twitter account was hi-jacked and they shot down any hopes of a new album. They also declared that the band has officially broken up. Currently, nothing more to really write about the band. They have broken up. Sometimes, it seems that some bands struggle to find their musical identity. I put Boys Night Out in this category. Do they want to be screamo or do they want to be melodic pop? I know bands want to grow and change and explore new territory, but it seemed with every release, Boys Night Out was changing their style dramatically. Hard to gain a solid fan base following when your sound is all over the place. I personally thought the band's highlight was "Trainwreck". Loved the concept and storyline of that album but still, Boys Night Out was just one in the pack. They never really stepped to the front of that pack, they just fell in line.

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