Sunday, May 18, 2014

Song Of The Week: 5/18/14

Song: "On The Nod"

Artist: Avail

Album: "Dixie"

Year: 1994

"On The Nod" appears to be a song about going out of your way to avoid any kind of responsibility. The vocalist in the song really seems intent on going through life by not making any hard decisions. He seems afraid to be personally responsible, let alone be responsible to someone else. If things get to tense for him, his plan of action is to get up and leave and start a life somewhere else. Avail, from Richmond, Virginia, formed as a band back in 1987. Original vocalist, Brein Stewart performed on two demos, 1988's "Each Other" and 1989's "Reaching Out" as well as the band's first EP, "Who's To Say What Stays The Same". Tim Barry, the band's future vocalist, played drums on this EP. By 1990, Tim Barry was the full time vocalist of Avail. In 1992, the band self-released their debut full length album, "Satiate". This album would be re-released through Lookout! Records, with whom the band signed. 1993 saw two releases from Avail, "Attempt To Regress", an EP, and "Live At The King's Head Inn", the band's first live album. In 1994, Avail released "Dixie". 1996 saw the band drop their third full length album, "4AM Friday". This album featured the song "Simple Song", definitely one of the most popular songs in Avail's catalogue. In 1997, the band released "The Fall Of Richmond", a split EP with the band (Young) Pioneers. In 1998, Avail released "Over The James", a full length album and their second live record, "Live At The Bottom Of The Hill In San Francisco". In 1999, Avail signed with Fat Wreck Chords and released the EP "100 Times". This EP featured re-recordings of old songs. A third live album, "V.M. Live Presents...Avail" was also released that year. 2000 saw the release of their fifth full length, "One Wrench". In 2002, "Front Porch Stories" was released. This would be the last album released by Avail. All of the band's recordings for Lookout! Records would be re-released through Jade Tree Records as well. Avail never officially disbanded, but they haven't released any new material since 2002. Vocalist Tim Barry has been doing the solo thing since 2004 and he seems to be focusing on that more than anything. Currently, it appears the book is closed on Avail. As I said, Barry is completely focused on his solo career while the other band members are also pursuing other projects, whether they are in music or other ventures. While not having any major success as a band, there is no doubt that Avail is well respected in the hardcore punk community, in fact, they are legendary in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

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