Sunday, October 19, 2014

Song Of The Week: 10/19/14

Song: "Youth Overrided" (acoustic)

Artist: Cave In

Album: "Live Airwaves"

Year: 2005

"Youth Overrided" is a song that appears to be about someone who is very old and possibly close to dying. He feels his life has passed him by much too soon and maybe, he didn't totally soak up his youth. At times, he still feels young at heart, but his memory is starting to fade as well as his existence on this Earth. The original version of "Youth Overrided" appeared on Cave In's 2003 album "Antenna". The version I chose for my song of the week is an acoustic version that appeared on Cave In's 2005 live compilation, "Live Airwaves". Cave In formed as a band back in 1995, hailing from Methuen, Massachusetts. The band was formed by vocalist Jay Frechette and guitarist Stephen Brodsky. The band released a demo and several split 7" recordings before hooking up with Hydra Head Records and releasing their self/titled 7" in 1997. Frechette would leave the band to focus his energies on his other band Ten Yard Fight. In 1998, "Beyond Hypothermia" was released which was basically a compilation of all the 7" recordings that Cave In recorded up to that point. 1998 also saw the band release their very first full length album "Until Your Heart Stops". This album was the first to feature Stephen Brodsky on lead vocals. Up to this point, Cave In was pretty much a metalcore band. With the 1999 release of "Creative Eclipses", this would begin the so called "space rock" period for the band. In 2000, the band released "Jupiter". This album continued on with a melodic, atmospheric sound. People began calling the band "emo-metal Radiohead", a description that the members of Cave In whole-heartedly disagreed with. 2002's "Tides Of Tomorrow" EP continued on the same path as their previous two releases. In 2003, Cave In signed with major label RCA Records and released "Antenna". This album saw the band shift gears once again to a more modern rock/mainstream rock sound. "Antenna" would be Cave In's only album to chart on the Billboard 200, reaching #169, thanks in part to the singles "Anchor" and "Inspire". The band earned a slot on the Lollapalooza tour that year, as well as an opening slot on the Foo Fighters European tour. In 2005, Cave In parted ways with RCA and returned to Hydra Head Records. They also returned to their metal roots with the release of "Perfect Pitch Black". In 2006, the band went on a short hiatus. Some three years later in 2009, Cave In returned with the EP "Planets Of Old". In 2010, Brodsky said that the band would be more selective about their touring schedule and that future Cave In releases may be more focused on a digital medium. In 2011, Cave In released "White Silence". This album saw the band delve more into metal with hints of hardcore. 2013 saw the band release the "Untitled" EP, which basically featured three demos of previously released songs. Currently, not much news on the Cave In front. Brodsky does have several side projects so maybe he has just not set aside any time to work on new material with Cave In. This band has went through so many stylistic changes that if you heard them today as compared to what they were playing in the early 2000's, you wouldn't even know it was the same band! Maybe that's what has hurt them on a mainstream success level but in the underground music scene, Cave In is well respected both musically and lyrically.

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