Sunday, October 26, 2014

Song Of The Week: 10/26/14

Song: "About An Apparition"

Artist: Meriwether

Album: "Make Your Move"

Year: 2005

"About An Apparition" is a song that appears to be about someone who is a ghost, an apparition or perhaps, an angel that comes back to help someone who maybe has the right intentions, but is heading down the wrong path. Though this person ignores him, or probably can't see him, the apparition is persistent and is not going to turn his back on this person. Meriwether formed as a band back in 2003, hailing from Louisiana. In 2004, the band independently released an EP titled "Meriwether". 2005 saw the band sign with GVE Records and release their debut full length album, "Make Your Move". Meriwether would play more than 300 shows in one calendar year to promote this album. In 2006, the band signed with Suretone Records and re-released "Make Your Move" with added bonus tracks. In 2007, the band recorded a new album called "Sons Of Our Fathers" but due to a conflict with Suretone, the album was never released. The album is available for download on Meriwether's bandcamp page. In 2009, Meriwether, now free of their contract with Suretone, independently recorded and released their third album, "Plug In The Snakes". This album featured the single "If You Had Guts, I'd Hate 'Em". The last release from Meriwether came in 2011, an EP entitled "MWBS". Currently, only Andrew Reilley (vocalist, guitarist, founder and songwriter) is still with the band as all of the original members have left to do other things. Reilley has said he plans to continue on with Meriwether as well as do multiple other projects. Meriwether is a band that falls somewhere between pop/punk and alternative rock. The band never really crossed over and had much mainstream success but you can't say they weren't a hardworking band. They toured extensively after their releases, trying to promote themselves as best they could but sometimes the masses just don't gravitate to some things. I often talk about those bands that separate themselves and become the leaders of certain genres, while others kind of fall back in the pack and follow. Meriwether is one of the followers. Not bad music by any means, just nothing to get you overly excited about.

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