Sunday, April 12, 2015

Song Of The Week: 4/12/15

Song: "Quick Chek Girl"

Artist: Bouncing Souls

Album: "Maniacal Laughter"

Year: 1996

"Quick Chek Girl" is a silly, teenage romance type of song. It's about a guy who drops the papers off to the Quick Chek store and strikes up a relationship with the girl who works there. When he decides to ask her to go on a date with him via a letter, all of a sudden, she doesn't respond and eventually quits the job much to the guy's dismay. The Bouncing Souls formed as a band back in 1988, hailing from New Jersey. After years of performing in the underground scene of New Brunswick, New Jersey, the band's first full length release was 1994's "The Good, The Bad & The Argyle". This album was basically a compilation of the band's EP's they had released up to that point. In 1996, the band released "Maniacal Laughter", featuring classic Bouncing Souls songs such as "The Ballad Of Johnny X" and "Here We Go". In 1997, the Souls caught the ear of famous punk label Epitaph Records who signed the band and released "The Bouncing Souls". Though this album features some classic Bouncing Souls songs such as "Kate Is Great", "Cracked" and "East Coast Fuck You", singer Greg Attonito has basically called it an album of unfinished songs. 1999 was the year where the Bouncing Souls really began to find themselves and their sound with the release of "Hopeless Romantic", featuring concert staples like "Kid" and "Ole!". 2001 saw the band release "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" featuring the tracks "True Believers" and "Manthem". In 2002, the band released the b-sides compilation "The Bad, The Worse And The Out Of Print" and in 2003, the band released my personal favorite album by them, "Anchors Aweigh", featuring punk rock anthems like "Apartment 5F", "Kids And Heroes" and "Sing Along Forever". 2005 saw the band release the double disc live album simply titled "Live". In 2006, the Souls dropped "The Gold Record" featuring the songs "The Pizza Song" and "Lean On Sheena", which was an Avoid One Thing cover. In 2009, to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary, they decided to release four 7" EP's. Most of these songs went on to be compiled on one album, 2010's "Ghosts On The Boardwalk". In 2012, the band released the album "Comet" through Rise Records. This album featured the tracks "Static", "Coin Toss Girl" and "Ship In A Bottle". Currently, there is no news as of yet about a new album in the works but seeing how consistent the band is, I would not be surprised to see something new by the end of this year or definitely by next year. The Souls are a hard working, constantly touring type of band and their influence on punk rock music runs deep. They write infectious, sing-a-long, pogo hop punk rock anthems that fans can't get enough of and that other bands try to emulate, sometimes imitate. A truly great punk rock band and "Kids And Heroes"? Come on, man!! That is one of the best punk rock songs of all time!!!

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