Sunday, April 26, 2015

Song Of The Week: 4/26/15

Song: "Sarah, Send Your Driver"

Artist: Timeshares

Album: "Bearable"

Year: 2011

"Sarah, Send Your Driver" is a song that appears to be about severing ties with someone who you thought had your best interests in heart, but you found out that they were literally trying to sabotage everything you were trying to attain. The vocalist feels that his goals are to important to him to throw away and he is more confident than ever to keep moving forward to see his dream through. Those who are with him, be prepared to jump on board and move forward. Those who are not, get out of the way and get left behind. Timeshares formed as a band back in 2009, hailing from New York. The band self released a three song EP in 2009, all three songs would later appear on their debut album with slight changes. In 2010, Timeshares released a split 7" with Captain, We're Sinking. 2011 saw the band release their debut full length "Bearable" through Kiss Of Death Records". This album featured the songs "From An Admirer Not Daryl" and "Oh No Not That". In 2012, Timeshares released another split EP, this time with the band Dividers. The next few years were spent touring and trying to get their name out there with the fans. Finally, in 2015, the band released a split with the band Luther, then signed on with punk rock label SideOneDummy Records and released their second full length album, "Already Dead", featuring the songs "Heavy Hangs", "Spend The Night" and "The Bad Parts". Currently, Timeshares is touring in support of their new album "Already Dead". Though the album will be released digitally on April 28, 2015, people can get the cd version starting on May 28th. Timeshares is a young band that is still growing into it's sound. If you're a fan of bands such as The Flatliners or Off With Their Heads or Four Year Strong, you would probably be a fan of Timeshares as they play a similar brand of melodic punk rock with gruffy vocals. This is definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

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