Sunday, May 10, 2015

Song Of The Week: 5/10/15

SONG: "Warm"

ARTIST: "The Riot Before"

ALBUM: "2005-2007"

YEAR: 2012


The word "warm" in this song appears to be a metaphor for comfort or what is more comfortable. In the song the vocalist talks of a poor man who spends what little money he has on booze instead of food, not because it is better for him, but because he finds comfort in it. It makes him feel warm. Second verse is about a business man who lies and cheats to protect his image. It's the easy way out and the convienient way but not the right way. Third verse is about the vocalist himself, sleeping in someone else's bed. It feels warm, or it's comfortable for him. Warm and cold are metaphors in this song and sometimes what makes you cold and uncomfortable are actually the honest and truthful things or choices to make. Sometimes they are the harder choices but they are the right choices. This is about three people who decided to take the warm/easy way out.

THE RIOT BEFORE DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2005 - "Horseshoes And Hand Grenades" (Fall Of The West Records)
2009 - "Fists Buried In Pockets" (Say 10 Records)
2010 - "Rebellion" (Paper + Plastick Records)
2011 - "Acoustic" (Gunner Records)
2012 - "2005-2007" (Say 10 Records)


Founder and lead songwriter and vocalist Brett Adams formed The Riot Before back in 2003, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Through the years, it was difficult to keep a stable line-up, with as many as 13 different band members being in and out of the line-up. This lack of stability eventually led to The Riot Before ultimately calling it quits in 2011. While The Riot Before can be labeled as a punk band, they are not afraid to draw on other genres of influence. They kind of remind me of Polar Bear Club and even The Gaslight Anthem at times. They can be aggressive, but they also show they can handle playing acoustically as well. Their strength is in their songs and lyrics. Adams evokes emotion in his vocals and his lyrics and meanings are strong and passionate. It's really a shame that this band disbanded. They were a very promising band and their musical catalog is strong. Adams does perform acoustically and tours solo at times. Not sure if he has another band in the works or if he is going to do the solo acoustic stuff that so many punk rock singers are doing now. I say he would fit right in on the Revival tours that Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan embarks on every year. Either way, The Riot Before was a rock solid band who I hope has a change of heart and reunite!


1. The Oregon Trail
2. To Live How We Believe
3. Tinnitus
4. What I've Missed
5. Words Written Over Coffee
6. You Can't Sexy Dance To Punk Rock
7. We Are Wild Stallions
8. Redneckties
9. Really Good Reasons To Swear
10. Take That, The Government

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