Monday, May 18, 2015

Song Of The Week: 5/17/15

Song: "Start Walking"

Artist: Off With Their Heads

Album: "Home"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Years Active: 2002-present


"Start Walking" appears to be about someone who's depression has taken full control of him. He has shut down basically, succumbing to the depression. He no longer feels that he can go back to who he once was and he no longer feels anyone can have love for him as they once did. He talks of the awful feelings he has deep inside that are basically guiding him, perhaps they are leading him to suicide. Perhaps that will take him to a place where he can finally feel comfortable in his own skin. The vocalist in this song seems as though life has defeated him and perhaps the afterlife is his only answer to get out of his depressive situation.

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS' DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2006 - "Hospitals" (Rock Bottom Records)
2007 - "All Things Move Toward Their End" (No Idea Records)
2008 - "From The Bottom" (No Idea Records)
2010 - "In Desolation" (Epitaph Records)
2013 - "Home" (Epitaph Records)


Off With Their Heads is very much the baby of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Young. He is the one constant member of the band and the chief songwriter. Other members, Justin Francis (drums) and Zack Gontard (guitar) no longer tour with the band, but they do still record on the albums. Despite the revolving door of touring musicians, Off With Their Heads continues to try to establish themselves as a punk band to be wreckoned with. The strength of their songs and their high energy live shows earned them a spot on the roster of famed punk rock label, Epitaph Records. Ryan Young's lyrics are often very personal and often peel away the layers to show the open scars of a painful existence. He's not afraid to express himself by any means. Their style is kind of that "gruffy" punk where the vocals are hoarse and scratchy and their songs are energetic and anthemic. Along with their full length releases, the band has also put out a slew of EP's and splits, many of which were released together on the compilation record, "All Things Move Toward Their End". The band wanted to put out a second compilation featuring more of their EP and split songs but did not due to a conflict with their then label No Idea Records. Most recently the band had to cancel several tour dates in Europe due to some issues back home in the States. That being said, look for Off With Their Heads to continue to be Ryan Young's mouthpiece in the years to come. Solid, solid band!


1. Fuck This, I'm Out
2. Keep Falling Down
3. Drive
4. Clear The Air
5. Nightlife
6. Seek Advice Elsewhere
7. Start Walking
8. Don't Make Me Go
9. Janie
10. Die Today

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