Sunday, September 13, 2015

Song Of The Week: 9/13/15

Song: "Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)" (acoustic)

Artist: Four Year Strong

Album: "Enemy Of The World" (Special Edition)

Year: 2010

Place Or Origin: Worcester, Massachusetts

Years Active: 2001-present


"Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)" appears to be about not worrying about life's problems or the many obstacles you face as you go through life and having a positive outlook. It's more about striving ahead and forward and not looking back with regret nor having any fears about what might lie in the future. It's about living for the day and enjoying the moment and taking life as it comes. By shedding yourself of negative vibes and avoiding the many pitfalls and obstacles that might set you back, you tend to feel more alive and have a more positive energy about you. This acoustic version of "Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)" appears on the Special Edition of the band's 2010 album "Enemy Of The World". The full rock version of the song is also found on that album as well.

FOUR YEAR STRONG'S DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2005 - "It's Our Time" (Open Your Eyes Records)
2007 - "Rise Or Die Trying" (I Surrender Records)
2009 - "Explains It All" (Decaydance Records)
2010 - "Enemy Of The World" (Decaydance Records)
2011 - "In Some Way, Shape, Or Form" (Decaydance Records)
2015 - "Four Year Strong" (Pure Noise Records)


Four Year Strong formed as a band back in 2001. The members were all in high school in Worcester, Massachusetts when they formed the band. After years of struggling to gain an audience outside of the local Boston punk rock scene, they finally began making some headway with their 2007 release, "Rise Or Die Trying". Their 2010 release, "Enemy Of The World", proved to be their most successful album to date however, peaking at #47 on the Billboard 200 charts. With songs such as "Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) and "It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now", Four Year Strong was building itself around a sound that was foundationally melodic, pop punk, emulating bands such as early Blink 182 and Green Day, but they also had a little bite to their music as well. They kind of remind me of a band like A Day To Remember. Their music is definitely pop, but with a bit of aggression to it. After a short hiatus from 2011 till 2015, rumors began to circulate that the band may be breaking up. That was put to rest, thankfully, as they first released an EP, "Go Down In History" and then a full length, 2015's "Four Year Strong". Other than that short hiatus, Four Year Strong has prided itself on being a hard working band that seemed adamant to get their name out there. Since it's inception, they have been touring relentlessly trying to garner a fan base. They have toured with a who's who in the punk rock world, including bands such as Rise Against, Bayside, Blink 182, The Swellers, A Wilhelm Scream, Story Of The Year and New Found Glory to name a few. They have also taken part of many festivals including the Taste Of Chaos Tour, Warped Tour, Soundwave Festival, Slam Dunk Festival and Bamboozle Festival. All in all, Four Year Strong is a solid band. They're nothing earth shattering and they don't really separate themselves from the pack, but they release energetic, melodic, fun punk rock sing-a-long type songs. They are as influenced by mid-90's alternative pop like Third Eye Blind, Everclear and No Doubt as they are punk bands like Green Day, Blink 182 or MxPx and you can hear it in their sound. Solid band.


1. Stuck In The Middle
2. Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
3. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
4. Go Down In History
5. Just Drive
6. Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)
7. Bada Bing! Wit' A Pipe
8. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
9. We All Float Down Here
10. Tread Lightly

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