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Song Of The Week: 9/27/15

Song: "Siouxsie Jeanne"

Artist: Polar Bear Club

Album: "Death Chorus"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Rochester, New York

Years Active 2005-2014


I'm not totally convinced what "Siouxsie Jeanne" is about, but my guess is it's about someone who is dying or near death and "Siouxsie Jeanne" is possibly his guardian angel. She is there to provide some comfort to him in a time that is anything but comfortable. It seems that every now and then he snapped back to his reality, back to the pain and back to the realization that he's dying, but as the light fades, "Siouxsie Jeanne" is there once again to comfort him. Could be totally wrong about that, but I guess that's why some songs are left open to interpretation!

POLAR BEAR CLUB DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2008 - "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" (Red Leader Records)
2009 - "Chasing Hamburg" (Bridge Nine Records)
2011 - "Clash Battle Guilt Pride (Bridge Nine Records)
2012 - "Live At The Montage" (Bridge Nine Records)
2013 - "Death Chorus" (Rise Records)


Polar Bear Club came together from various post-hardcore bands that were based in the Rochester and Syracuse areas of upstate New York back in 2005. When the band released their first EP, 2006's "The Redder, The Better", they generated a lot of buzz on the underground punk/hardcore circuits, garnering interest from as far as Australia, who took a particular liking to Polar Bear Club. Taking influences from such acts as Small Brown Bike, Silent Majority, Hot Water Music and Lifetime, Polar Bear Club began to hone their musical style. One band that took Polar Bear Club under their wing very early on was The Gaslight Anthem who pegged the band to open for them on many tours over the years. Gaslight probably also had a great influence on Polar Bear Club as you can definitely hear a more melodic style on the more recent PBR albums, without losing some of their hardcore elements. To me, Polar Bear Club's contemporaries are bands like The Flatliners, Off With Their Heads and Dear Landlord. It's a sound that's rooted in hardcore, but has definite melodic and pop elements to it and the use of rough vocals (think Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music). The band's Bridge Nine Records years were a highlight most definitely, including 2009's "Chasing Hamburg", 2011's "Clash Battle Guilt Pride" and the acoustic live album, 2012's "Live At The Montage". The band has built quite a cult following ever since the beginning with it's fans in Australia, and in 2011 and 2013, they got a chance to play for them as part of the Soundwave Festival in both of those years. When the band recorded their most recent album, 2013's "Death Chorus", vocalist Jimmy Stadt was having major voice issues. After years of really straining his vocals both in studio and on the road, Stadt realized he had to change his vocal style in order to keep on touring and making music so when you listen to "Death Chorus", you notice Stadt's vocals are much cleaner than on Polar Bear Club's previous releases. The band supported their most recent album by touring with hardcore legends H2O. The current status of Polar Bear Club is that they are on hiatus. Vocalist Jimmy Stadt confirmed this in 2015. As far as I know, this isn't a break-up, just the band taking a break. At least I hope that's all it is. Polar Bear Club is a very solid band. If you're already a fan of The Flatliners or Hot Water Music or even The Gaslight Anthem, Polar Bear Club should be on your musical radar.


1. Living Saints
2. Killin' It
4. Screams In Caves
5. At Your Funeral (Saves The Day cover)
6. Light Of Local Eyes
7. Blood Balloon
8. Close Knit
9. Hollow Place
10. Drifting Thing

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